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Abby Corigan is a behavioral scientist and a special agent of the FBI, as well as Will Zimmerman's girlfriend.

Biography Edit

She trained together with Will at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. She later began to work in behavioral analysis and in 2010 came to the Old City Sanctuary to investigate the death of Father Nathaniel Jensen. Will invited her to review the files together, and they eventually discovered other cases similar to that of Father Jensen; she and Will were also becoming obviously attracted to each other, even though Will could not remember their time at the Academy.

She later followed Will and his team to the Church where they confronted Father Clark, who was behind the killings. Even though the sight of Bigfoot shocked her, she came to his aid when he was wounded in the fight against Clark. When things had calmed down, she and Will parted on good terms, and obviously looked forward to seeing each other again.

Nikola Tesla found reason to tease Will about his obvious liking for Abby, just like he did with Will and his last romantic interest, Clara Griffin. Tesla also irritated Will by using his magnetic powers to unbutton Abby's collar.[1]

Abby and Will eventually went on a date together, but it turned into a kidnapping by the Vendetta Crew to save their leader, Horatio Gibbs. During this encounter, Abby and Will had many arguments and keep making one of the kidnappers, Koda, who was ordered to constantly guard her, very mad. She and Will tried to escape twice, but failed. However, Abby was eventually able to alert the Sanctuary to their status by picking up items at an abnormal black market; she and Will also discovered that the Vendetta Crew's acting leader, Sioux, actually wanted to kill Gibbs because of trading Abnormals, but Sioux was shot by Koda. Abby was then injected by the same poison as Gibbs, but was luckily saved by Will, even though he had to save Gibbs first. She survived this encounter and was saved by the Sanctuary along with Will.[2]

When Will was turning into an Abnormal some time later, she heard he was sick and called him.[3]

When preparing for their next date, Abby and Will had to share a dinner reservation at Alfredo's. However, Dr. Magnus ordered them to transport a larval lepidoptera to its destination first. When the creature hatched due to poor handling, they had to go on a hunt through the sewers, which became even more complicated due to Abby being allergic to the creature's body odors. She used the opportunity to ask Will about his work, and his past relationships. They were attacked by the lepidoptera, and Abby twisted her ankle and had to return to the surface. After the mission was over, she and Will returned to the Sanctuary and had sex for the first time—in his office.[4]

When Will was poisoned by a psych worm and drawn into a psychoactive dream world, he imagined himself married to Abby, living happily in the suburbs with their first child on the way.[5]

During Dr. Magnus' absence following the destruction of Praxis, Will called on Abby to help him find someone who could get him access to the FBI servers. He was irritated to discover that she had quite a number of male colleagues she was very close with.[6]

Shortly after this crisis, Abby was promoted to Special Agent and became part of an abnormal investigation task force within the FBI. She kept this last part secret from Will, which caused a heated argument when he found out about it by running into her and her new partner during the hunt for an escaped stenopelhabbilis. Will led her and her partner on false tracks to protect her, causing her to angrily break up with him. However, they later ran into each other again and captured the abnormal together. In the end, both seemed willing to give their relationship another chance.[7]

Relationships Edit

Will Zimmerman
Abby and Will were almost immediately attracted to each other once they reconnected in Old City, even though Will could not remember their time in Quantico. It is unknown if Abby allready had feelings for him back then.

Background Edit

Abby is portrayed by Canadian actress Pascale Hutton, who also guest-starred in Stargate Atlantis.

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