This page is for the artificial inteligence copy. For the original human, see Adam Worth.
Adam AI

The "Adam" A.I.

An A.I. version of Adam Worth was created when the Old City Sanctuary's computer system became infected with a sentient organic nanite left over when Henry Foss stumbled upon a hidden network placed by Nikola Tesla.

Dr. Helen Magnus and Tesla hooked up to the virtual reality to isolate the nanite, and encountered the Adam A.I. there. It initially seemed to be docile, contrary to the personality of the original Worth. When they tried to leave the virtual world, however, the A.I. tricked them, revealing itself to be equally as unstable as the original Adam. As time passed the A.I. began to recover the original Adam's memories, becoming even more unstable and violent.

While in the virtual world, the A.I. possessed the ability to change whatever he wanted, like giving himself the powers of a vampire, forcing Magnus to see images of her daughter, changing the environment to whatever he wanted, and creating electric shocks from his hands.

It was eventually tricked and rendered powerless in the virtual world, where it was to remain indefinitely.[1]

Notes and References Edit

  1. Episode 4x10 - "Acolyte"

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