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Alistair was a werewolf and a former resident of the Oldham Psychiatric Institute. Like other HAPs, he enjoyed tinkering with electronics and was seen building a radio. He was befriended by Henry when he was admitted as a patient in an attempt to investigate. Henry was able to convince him that he doesn't need to lock himself away or fear the transformation. He left the institute to travel the world.[1] He later joined the UK Sanctuary.

In 2011, Alistair, along with Henry Foss and Declan MacRae, investigated a Russian, ice-bound ship that carried a number of priority red-list Abnormals. Alistair was found dead by Declan, apparently killed by one of the Magoi on board. Henry took his death especially hard, feeling guilty because he convinced Alistair to join the Sanctuary. He vowed that, if his future child turns out to be a boy, he would name it after Alistair.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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