Amelia Earhart
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
A Earhart

Earhart on a photo with Helen Magnus

Full Name
Amelia Mary Earhart
Birth date
July 24, 1897
Atchison, Kansas
Death date
January 5, 1939 (declared dead)
First Appearance
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Amelia Earhart was a noted American aviation pioneer and author, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

She set many other records, wrote best-selling books, and organized female pilots. She was also an early supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment.

During an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe in 1937, Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. Fascination with her life, career and disappearance continues to this day.

Dr. Helen Magnus met her at least once, and they were photographed together in front of one of Earhart's planes.[1] Amanda Tapping has also said that Earhart and Dr. Magnus were in some sort of relationship.

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  1. The photograph can be seen in the opening credits of every episode in Season 2.

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