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Ashley Magnus
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Ashley M
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Ashley Magnus
Female   Female
23 years
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Ashley Magnus was the daughter of Helen Magnus and John Druitt. She was an abnormal with the ability to teleport near-infinite distances across the world, a power she inherited from her father.

However, she was unable to use these powers until the Cabal injected her with virulent vampire blood combined with drugs to bring out these and her latent vampiric traits so that they could control her.



Ashley was conceived in the 1880s just as her parents ended their relationship. Helen chose to keep Ashley frozen in an embryonic state for well over a century. When the loneliness became too much for her to bear, and she believed Druitt was gone forever, Helen brought her to term. Helen never told Ashley about her father's identity and allowed her to believe he was dead.

Time with the SanctuaryEdit

Ashley inherited her father's killer instinct, and so lacked modest behavioral skills. However, she more than made up for them in her field talents. Ashley soon proved herself an expert (yet self-proclaimed) "monster hunter"; becoming proficient in the usage of advanced weaponry and technology.

On a personal level, Ashley remained quite close to her mother. Ashley's own natural distrust of Abnormals providing a proper counterbalance to Helen's desire to protect them; as she normally doesn't hesitate to terminate ones that prove hostile, and use whatever methods necessary to capture targets.

Sometime after Druitt re-surfaced, Ashley teamed up with him to save her mother from Nikola Tesla; another member of The Five. It was during this time Ashley's suspicions about Druitt's past connections with her mother finally made her realize the truth: Druitt was her father. Ashley accepted it, but was nevertheless hurt that her mother wasn't the one to tell her. Eventually, Ashley learned to continue on with her life.


Having been captured along with Henry Foss by the Cabal, who were threatening global civilization with the Lazarus virus, Ashley, who had tried to steal data on Lazarus to aid in creating a cure, was personally interrogated by Dana Whitcomb. Ashley is drugged and while under the Cabal's control is forced to steal the sole vial containing pure vampire source blood, which is the best chance to develop a cure to Lazarus, as well as supplying them with false data on it. Ashley then teleported away from the Old City Sanctuary and arrived at a Cabal facility on Easter Island. Whitcomb was there waiting for her, and Ashley readily handed over the vial. Whitcomb formally welcomed Ashley to the Cabal.

Ashley teleportation

Ashley using her new teleportation ability

Some time later, Ashley is fully controlled by the Cabal who have been pumping her full of drugs to force her to work for them. She was under the care of a brilliant but disturbed Cabal Scientist who saw Ashley as her daughter (who died, how has not been revealed). Using the source blood and samples acquired from the Five, the Cabal crafted her DNA with theirs and that of the source blood, effectively turning her into the first pure blood vampire in centuries. This new Ashley, while powerful, was effectively a mindless drone who only obeyed the Cabal. She even attacked her friends and family when they went to find her, though she seemed to hesitate when her mother put herself in front of her unarmed, indicating there was a possibility she could be saved.

Ashley appeared to have both her parents' abilities, including latent vampiric traits. She also appears to have enhanced strength as she was easily able to overpower her father and Tesla in a fight though the two managed to recover quickly. The Cabal have put Ashley in to the field rather early before running proper tests due to overconfidence and the fact the Sanctuary was getting to close to figuring the truth so it is unknown if there were any side effects from what they have done to her.

Ashley led the first set of superabnormals in brutal attacks on the Sanctuary Network around the world, much to the horror of her mother and friends. After acquiring a Cabal telephone number from Kate Freelander, Dr. Magnus learned that the Cabal would release Ashley but only in return for the surrender of the Sanctuary Network, something which Magnus refused. Magnus then ordered Henry and Tesla to work on a weapon that could disable the source blood powers in Ashley and the others without killing them, something that even Tesla was unsure he could do, considering the short time scale and difficulty of the task and its factors.

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Ashley attacks the Sanctuary

The weapon was put to the test during the defense of the UK Sanctuary, but did little more than knock Ashley and the others out, forcing the team to unleash an elemental on the attackers in order to stop them. This is only successful in defending London because the Cabal realizes that the elemental would have damaged Ashley and the others beyond their ability to heal. After the battle, Magnus realizes her request to Tesla was impossible and gives him a sample of Ashley's unaltered blood, telling him to make the weapon lethal, saying they have no more options. (She also does this out of guilt because Ashley and the others killed Clara Griffin.)

Ashley knows what she must do02:14

Ashley knows what she must do.

Ashley realizes what she has become.

When Ashley and the other super soldiers arrive at the base, her mother uses the weapon on the soldiers, but cannot bring herself to use it on her own daughter, who is either distracted by the others or Helen flees before she can get close to her.

In the end however, Ashley corners her mother and seems ready to slice her throat. Still unable to use the weapon on her daughter and possibly catching a glimpse of hesitation in Ashley's eyes, her mother begins to pour her heart out to Ashley attempting to remind her of who she is. This combined with a blast from a weapon fired by Kate Freelander (who decided to stay to fight) has the effect of bringing Ashley back to her senses. Unfortunately the joy of this and the Sanctuary's victory is short lived, as in order to stop the last super soldier and defend her mother, Ashley teleports away, killing herself and the other soldier, as the EM shield (designed to kill anything attempting to teleport within the Sanctuary) has been put back online, ripping the two apart on the molecular level. The other soldiers remains are found, but not Ashley's.[1]

Remembering AshleyEdit

Shortly after her death, her mother begins having hallucinations of Ashley being alive; for example, she sees John as he was in Victorian times presenting a live and well Ashley to Helen, claiming "It's a miracle." This coupled with her own denial leads Magnus on a search for Ashley, which the others (who have already mourned Ashley in their own ways and moved on to repair the Sanctuary and continue the fight with the Cabal) see as a fool's errand. In the end, she is convinced by a distraught Will (who had tried to believe in her investigation up until a point) that Ashley is indeed dead and gone. A memorial service with an empty open casket is then held for Ashley, at which everyone places a sentimental token into the casket as a sign of farewell. Now on her own at the memorial, Magnus encounters another hallucination of Ashley. The apparition tells Magnus that she must let go of her and move on, that Magnus will never be without her, and that she knows her mother will always love her, "no matter what."

Meanwhile, Druitt avenges Ashley's death by hunting down and killing the heads of the Cabal, including the woman responsible for Ashley's conversion, Dana Whitcomb. While her death is not shown, we do see Druitt finding Whitcomb in a cafe somewhere in Europe, and as he gets up to follow her it is understood that she will not survive their imminent encounter.[2]

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Arrestingly beautiful, tough as nails, physically adept and a skilled fighter, she is perfectly suited for her calling as monster-hunter supreme. Ashley has moments of vulnerability but it's a side she deftly covers with a veneer of bravado and fearlessness.[3]

Growing up in the world of the Sanctuary with her mother, Dr. Helen Magnus, she has come to accept the impossible as a matter of course. And while there are the usual generational sparks between mother and daughter, Ashley is acutely respectful of her mother’s work and knowledge.[4]

Background Edit

Ashley Magnus appears in the webisodes as well as in the first sixteen episodes of Sanctuary.

The network had decided to kill off Emilie Ullerup's character when they began filming Season 2. In an interview she explains that she had no idea she was being killed off, and was sad to hear the news; the few episodes of the second season she filmed were incredibly hard as she had to remain serious. She states that she was in tears during rehearsals and the directors told her she had to get it together because Ashley was supposed to have found peace. She believed there was hope that she would return and would love to come back in Season 3.

Meanwhile, Ullerup made a guest appearance in the Smallville episode "Crossfire".

A fan effort was underway at one point to bring Ashley back as a regular character. It was rumored that the writers pitched something to bring Ashley back in Season 3, however, no step in that direction was ever taken. Her character was replaced by Kate Freelander.


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