A Baslisk attacking Will and Magnus

The Basilisk is a large, snake-like Abnormal. It has scaly skin and two wings attached behind its head that do not, however, enable it to fly. It spits acid and can breathe fire. When attacking, it scans for faces, especially eyes. This means looking at a Basilisk is fatal. It's completely deaf, but has a strong sense of smell. They used to roam the surface, but disappeared a long time ago when they relocated to Hollow Earth.

Helen Magnus and Will Zimmerman came across a Baslisk shortly after entering Hollow Earth. They were saved by Birot and Linor, who distracted it with a hologram.[1]

There is also a Basilisk feeding ground below the Indonesian caldera.[2]

Natives of Hollow Earth refer to it as a Firebreather.

Notes and references Edit

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  2. Episode 4x02 - "Uprising"

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