Blatella asahjenai sapien

A Blatella asahjenai sapien in Old City

Blatella asahjenai sapien are a rare species of insectoid abnormal.

These insectoid creatures were given the theoretical name of blatella asahjenai sapien and were an extremely rare species of Abnormals that lived on islands off the coasts of Japan and Korea. Their bodies were noted as having an insectoid style physiology with six legs with the front two serving as arms that contained vicious claws as well as having a hard green chitin. They possessed a thorax and mandible along with pincers and an anterior skeletal protrusions. They were believed to have possessed physiological attributes that dated back to the Paleozoic era making them 150 million years older than the dinosaurs. It was believed that a study of such creatures would offer new insights into the genetic building blocks of humans.

They were incredibly powerful, fast and durable allowing them to crawl on walls, survive a hundred thousand volt electrical shock and even strong tranquilizer shots. The creatures were not limited to just a strong chitin exoskeleton, but also contain a powerful neurotoxic venom, which can cause anaphylactic shock. Furthermore, the creatures were remarkably intelligent and were capable of seeing better in the dark than most animals allowing them to plan ambushes and cripple opponents. To survive long journeys, they were able to spin a type of chrysalis around themselves which kept them safe and served as a nest. They produced embryos that developed into new offspring, though the lifecycle was not truly known.

The Cabalis Nocturnum was believed to have been responsible for an expedition to capture the newborn members of this race on the islands near Japan. However, the two parent creatures followed the ship as it made its way to the United States where they began attacking Humans within a warehouse whilst they were looking for their young. Helen Magnus and her team from the Sanctuary attempted to contain the creature which led to the entrapment of one of the insectoid Abnormals within a cargo container but the second parent was killed after it had killed a civilian cameraman.[1]

Notes and References Edit

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