Bruno Delacourt is a humanoid abnormal that has leathery wings underneath his arms that allowed him to fly through the air. He also has abnormally large pupils, somewhat like a bat.

He was a con-artist and petty thief that Magnus had met before, but didn't trust.

Bruno and his wife Sheila asked Magnus and Henry for help in stopping a shipment of Red List abnormals from being smuggled in, but really they were after the diamonds that were being smuggled in with the abnormals. However, they claimed they were only stealing the diamonds to buy weapons and they were only buying the weapons to sell them and use that money to save a group of abnormal orphans from being sold into slavery. Of course Henry and Magnus didn't believe their story, but it was later proven that Bruno and Sheila were telling the truth and Magnus and Henry ended up helping them save the orphans from slavery.

Bruno then swore to abandon his life of crime and take care of the abnormal orphans.

Bruno was helping the Hollow Earth abnormals imprisoned by SCIU by smuggling in supplies and people past their barricades. Bruno also helped out Magnus by stealing Caleb's potion which he planned to unleash on the world.

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