Charlotte Benoit
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Dr. Charlotte Benoit
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Dr. Charlotte Benoit is a research scientist who studies deadly viruses.

In 2011, she transported a dangerous virus to Grande Comore off the coast of Africa to give it to Richard Feliz, the only person she believed to be able to keep it safe. Once on the island, she and others, including Dr. Helen Magnus, were taken hostage by a group of abnormal criminals. She and Magnus eventually managed to get away and kill one of their kidnappers. At that point, Benoit revealed the nature of her work to Magnus and they returned to the others.

Making the kidnappers believe that a container from one of her suitcases contained the virus, they argued with the leader, but the kidnappers ended up taking it with them. It was, however, just a small load of pure nitroglycerin, which exploded once the criminals' small plane was in the air and became affected by the change in pressure. The actual virus was then revealed to be in Dr. Benoit's blood stream in dormant form the whole time.

When Magnus prepared to leave the island, Benoit convinced her to stay a few more days by passionatelly kissing her on the lips. Magnus changed her mind, considering it had been "a long time" since she had been kissed like that and kisses her back. [1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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