A Cillobar

The Cillobar is a type of Abnormal, a predatory plant-animal hybrid native to Hollow Earth.

Its appearance is relatively humanoid, with reptillian skin and a shell-like structure on its back; Cillobars are fast and strong, and can cling to surfaces like insects or geckos. They have a hardened bone structure and have an extreme sensitivity to direct sunlight most likely attributed to their subterranean habitat. They're an extremely rare species, even to the Praxians.

These Abnormals posess a bizarre parasitical life cycle; at the end of its life, an adult Cillobar goes into bloom and releases hundreds of spores over a vast area similar to how flowers on the surface release pollen in the spring. Most of these spores are harmless, but the few that are viable are very dangerous to other lifeforms: once one of them infects a host, the spore slowly replaces the host organism's DNA with that of the Cillobar, creating a brand new creature. The only cure is to use the spores themselves to inject the victim with their original DNA and restore them to normal.

Will Zimmerman got infested by one of those spores during his first visit to Hollow Earth, and could be cured just in time by Helen Magnus.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Episode 3x14 - "Metamorphosis"

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