The Coleanthropus is type of abnormal that can infest humans.

The Coleanthropus is a cross between a reptile and an insect. They begin life as large eggs buried beneath the ground in sealed chambers. When exposed to air, the egg hatches into a larvae, which implants itself in a host, taking it over and giving it a hunger for meat. Eventually, it tears its way out of its host and develops into its next stage, turning into a large creature with a wasp-like head and exoskeleton and a lizard-like body. Following this, it creates a cocoon and develops into its next stage, growing still larger in size. The Coleanthropus is also known for its high-pitched cry.

Gregory Magnus encountered a Coleanthropus egg, but was unable to stop it before it had hatched and escaped. His daughter also encountered one years later in Old City.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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