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Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus
Robin Dunne as Dr. Will Zimmerman
Emilie Ullerup as Ashley Magnus
AND Christopher Heyerdahl as Bigfoot


Created by
Damian Kindler


Guest Starring
Ryan Robbins as Henry Foss
Kandyse McClure as Meg

Casting by
Sean Cossey, CSA
Stuart Aitkens, CSA

Director of Photography
David Geddes, CSC
Jim Menard

Edited by
Stein Myhrstad

Original Music by
Ian Browne

Visual Effects Supervisor
Lee Wilson

Visual Effects Producer
Lisa Sepp-Wilson

Digital Effects Supervisor
Sebastien Bergeron

Executive Producers
Keith Beedie
N. John Smith

Produced by
George Horie

Lee Wilson

Story by
Damian Kindler
Martin Wood

Teleplay by
Damian Kindler

Directed by
Martin Wood


Executive Producers
Damian Kindler
Amanda Tapping
Martin Wood

Executive Producer
Sam Egan


Miranda Frigon as Danu
Leah Cairns as Tatha
Laura Mennell as Caird
Chuck Campbell as Two Faced Guy (front face)
R Nelson Brown as Squid
Peter Bryant as Cabal Team Leader
Nigel Vonas as Cabal Alpha Team Driver
Lee Wilson as Voice of Squid
Not Credited -
Brad Proctor as Two Faced Guy (back face)

Theme Music by
Joel Goldsmith

Stunt Coordinator
Marshall Virtue

Stunt Players
Leanne Hindle
Kim Howey
Alex Chiang
Brian Hu
Don Lu
Shawn Beaton
Mike Desabrais
Clay Virtue
Heath Stevenson
Hugo Steele
Simon Burnet

Brian McCaig
Sheri Noel

Production Manager
Richard Bullock

Script Supervisor
Deirdre de Butler

First Assistant Director
Gord MacDonald

Second Assistant Director
Eddy Hardy

Third Assistant Director
Gisela Schulte

Assistant Director PA
Shane West

A Camera Operator
Steven Adelson

1st Assistant A Camera
Chris Gibbons

2nd Assistant A Camera
Kyle Brown

B Camera Operator
Mike Wrinch

1st Assistant B Camera
John Seale

2nd Assistant B Camera
Rob Katz

Data Tech
Richard Win

Production Designer
Bridget McGuire

Art Director
Rodrigo Segovia

Assistant Art Director
Scott Dobbie

Steve Scott

Costume Designer
Christina McQuarrie

Assistant Designer
Lana Krause

Set Costume Supervisor
Pamela Cameron

Truck Costumer
Janet Lamonte

Prep Seamstress
Barbara Gasior

Set Director
Ted Kuchera

Lead Set Director
Rose Goronzy

Assistant Set Decorator
Brant Lindroos

Barry Kemp

On Set Dresser
Jennifer Taylor

Sound Mixer
Kevin Sands

Boom Operator
Eliah Matthew

Key Makeup
Francesca Von Zimmerman

Assistant Makeup
Andrea Manchur

Key Hair
Brenda Turner

Assistant Hair
Jennifer Manton

Property Master
Dean Goodine

Assistant Prop Master
Lynda Chapple

Set Assistant Prop Master
Kurt Bruun

Prop Assistant
Sean McGee

SPFX Makeup
Todd Masters
Nicholas Podbrey

Make-up FX Artist
Harlow Miller

Cory Hodson

Best Boy
Todd MacLand

Lamp Operators
Anthony Vicic
Fred Wilson
Neal Swakum-Peck

Genny Op
Brian Lymer

Key Grip
David Ferreira

Best Boy
Scott Bartlett

Dolly Grip
Glen Forrieter

B-Dolly Grip
Tracy Nixon

Lead Man
Miles Schick

Bill Molnar

Crane Tech
Gary Stockport

Head Tech
John Taylor

Susan Stefanyshyn

Payroll Assistant Accountant
Janice Fenwick

Accounts Payable
Anji Freeland

Accounting Clerk
Brandie Maher

SPFX Coordinator
Darren Marcoux

SPFX Assistants
Eric Lamay
Chris Schreiber

Locations Manager
Dominic Main

Assistant Locations Manager
Kinnon Ross

Locations Key PA's
Mandi Egilson
Aaron Wintringham
Dylan Kilgour
Brandon Gowing

Construction Coordinator
Gary York

Construction Foreman
Roy A. Gervais

Lead Carpenter
Chad Neufeld

Construction Buyer
Scott Mathers

Construction / First Aid
Siobhan O'Toole

Davey G. Jones

Paint Foreman
John Keys

Transport Coordinator
Len Chan

Transport Captain
Dale Johnson

Charlie Brown

Construction Driver
Bob Mclean

John Oliver
Ramon DeFazio

Casting Associate
JJ Ogilvy

Extras Casting
Sandra-Ken Freeman

Production Coordinator
Sheenah Main

1st Assistant Production Coordinator
Darron Leiren-Young

2nd Assistant Production Coordinator
Chrissie S. Armstrong

Script Coordinator
Jaclyn MacRae

Production Assistant
Sam Kim

Post Production Supervisor
Shona Miko Musgrave

Post Coordinator
Cher Hanusiak

1st Assistant Editor
Kirk Hay

Editorial Assistant
Mark Adams

Playback Services by
Sim Video

Playback Coordinator
Winona Sim

Technical Coordinator
Max Torroba

Computer Playback
Scott Wallace

Visual Effects and Post Production Services by
Anthem Visual Effects Inc.

Visual Effects Coordinator
Matt Belbin

CG Supervisor
Les Quinn

CG Artists
Mladen Miholjcic
Mike Goddard
Ken Lee
Jonah West
Caleb Ashmore
Pascal Polic
Poshin Wang
Hoa Tran
George Kyparissous
Julie Bergman
Shane Wilm
Brian Zheng
Derek Babchishin
Paul Wiens
Lanie Dearing
Zeev Ben-Josef
Andrew Domachowski
James Raiz

Phillippe Thibault
Lionel Lim
Bryce Rieger
Eri Adachi
Annabelle Kent
Jesus Yapor

Online Color Correcting & Finishing
Matt Belbin
Bob Dewald
Jarod L. Birnie-Browne

Systems Administrator
Matthew Xavier Mauser

Render Wrangler
Jayson Castro

Prouction Assistant
Ashlyn Hardie

Sound by
Sharpe Sound TV

Sound Supervisor
Anke Bakker

Sound Design
Kris Fenske

Backgrounds Editor
Jay Cheetham

Sound FX
Ryan Nowak

Dialogue Editor
Kirby Jinnah

Re-Recording Mixers
Hugo De La Cerda
Kevin Belen

"Symphonie pour un Monde Etrange"
Composed by
Joel Goldsmith and Neal Acree

Main Title by
Pure NY

Additional Post Production by

David Robinson

Additional Music
Doug Blackley

Legal Services Provided by
Doran Chandler & Kyle Fogden,
Roberts & Stahl

Production Executive
James Bogusz

Filmed in
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
With the participation of the Province of British Columbia
Film Incentive BC
with the assistance of
The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit

Completion Guarantee supplied by
Film Finances Canada Ltd.

Movie Central

Produced in Association with The Movie Network
An Astral Media Network

Distributed by
Tricon Films & Television

The Beedie Group

Special Thanks
Royal Bank of Canada Corporation

copyright 2008 Sanctuary 1 Productions Ltd.

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