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Act 1

Will enters the medical Lab in full gear and approaches Magnus who is washing up for surgery.

Will: I'm Going to assist

Magnus: It's not necessary

Will: He just kicked the snot out of you let me help!

Helen (Not in the mood to argue): I can handle it go help Henry

Will: You pupils are dilated, look at the tremor in your hands you could have a concussion...

Magnus( Snaps): I am 159 years old you have known me for 3

Will lowers his head slightly knowing she is right about that and backs off slightly

Will: Fair enough, you want to at least tell me who he is?

Magnus sighs has we go in to a flashback of Oxford

Helen V.O: I tolled you how the five of us began at Oxford, working to understand secrets hidden from main stream science.

Has Helen speaks we move through an archway and upwards to a window were Nikola has pulled back the curtain to let some light in to the room. He stares out before returning to the lab tables.

The camera travels through the window and we are now in the lab with the young Five. James is scribbling madly on a board while John is preparing something on one table. On the opposite table Helen is working on one thing while another man (Nigel) works on something else. Nikola has now moved over to Helen's table.

Magnus: Nigel the Source Blood please

We then get our first view of the Invisible Man. Dressed in a tweed suit with reddish brown hair with sharp features. He hands Helen the sample of blood while Nikola watches. Helen takes it and turns to John.

Magnus: John, culture,

John look up at her with a smile, he walks over carefully with his own sample

John: Ready and waiting

James looks up from his notes

James: Remember the protocols, no mistakes

Tesla: Relax James we've all done our homework

Note in flashbacks when Tesla speaks he still carries his Serbian accent

Nigel turns to Tesla with a serious look

Nigel: Please Tesla we're improvising and you know it

Tesla: Well perhaps its to rich for your blood

Nigel: No I'm in mate just to see what happens to you

They grin slightly at each other while Nigel walks off. Even Helen and John can't help but smile a little at this. This is a side of the Five we have not seen before. There are no individuals out with grudges or something to prove, just five friends working on something new. Suddenly the door opens and Adam enters.

Adam: Ahoy

He turns to shut the door while the Five look at each other nervously while Helen quickly grabs a bit of cloth and covers the Source Blood sample.

Magnus: For Heaven's sake

Tesla (sighing): I thought I locked the door

Adam: Oh, you did, I was just wondering how the experiment is coming along.

He approaches slightly but the Five have him outnumbered and Nigel and Nikola have moved to block his view of the table.

John: Don't you have somewhere else to be? A lecture...

Adam: Must be very important whatever it is its been keeping you all quite busy the last few weeks

He is flipping through one of their note books only for Tesla to come over and pull it away

Nigel: Oh, I believe Mr Worth has been spying on us

Magnus: I believe you're right, Mr Worth

Adam: Adam please, you can trust me

Helen exchanges looks with Nikola and John. They don't think it a good idea. Adam points dangerously close to the Source Blood sample.

Adam: Secret shipments of plasma sounds really exiting, some kind of a new breakthrough

James and Nigel look nervous has Adam is close for their comfort. He is now examining a vial when John approaches using his height to help intimidate Adam has he pushes him to the door.

Adam: Could be quite useful to you

John: Hmmm

Adam: Top marks in my anatomy course

The rest of the Five are in front of the table silent. Adam shakes his head knowing he has lost this one and leaves has John shuts the door. Just for good measure he locks it again from the inside. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

End Flashback

We are back in the med lab were Helen is working on an unconscious Adam and we pull back to see Will watching with worry. Nikola appears behind him.

Tesla: Homicidal little bastard, he should have come after me first

Will: This how all Oxford class mates treat each other?

Nikola looks at him with a surprised grin

Tesla: How much did she tell you?

Will: Just that the Five was almost the Six

Tesla: Yes well in retrospect there were signs, subtle markers

We enter another flashback starting from Tesla's point of view has he puts together some wire in a device

Tesla V.O.: But we were young and believe it or not even a tad arrogant

The experiment is now back on track with Helen and James looking at the board while john is examining something at the one desk. Nigel and Nikola are working at the second desk.

John: (Regarding Adam) You have to admit he's brilliant

Nigel: And British

Tesla: Hysterical

They all smile a bit at the joke while Helen turns from the board

Magnus: Dose anyone else notice anything odd about Adam?

Tesla: He just pointed it out he's British

There is a smirk again from all, but James is serious

James: Excitable little chap isn't he

Nigel: Anyone read him monograph on forced tissue regeneration

John: The thing he did with door mice... poor creatures grew two heads

Its obvious that was not a pleasant experience for all involved

Magnus: Very nearly worked though, a daring theory to say the least

Nigel doesn't see it that way

Nigel: I'd lean more towards twisted myself

Tesla: Twisted, daring it doesn't matter, the point is we don't need anyone else the five of us are enough

Helen: I agree, has clever as Adam is our group is fine with out him

The others agree with Helen and Tesla and get back to work

Scene change to the halls of Oxford were Adam is working on an equation he has chalked on the walls. He so absorbed in his work he doesn't notice Helen approach. Helen examines the equation at first with curiosity which quickly turns to shock when she realizes what is.

Magnus: Dear Lord Adam, it looks like the formula for some kind of toxin.

Adam quickly brushes it away.

Adam: Non no just some scribbles well am I in?

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