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This unnamed Sergeant was part of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Fox Company during World War II.

He served as Captain Jack Zimmerman's right hand man during the landing operations on D-Day, and was among the soldiers who found the naked Nigel Griffin in a barn near Carentan. They were informed about the weather machine that was believed to pose a threat to the Allied fleet. Captain Zimmerman decided to help Griffin get into the bunker where Helen Magnus and James Watson were being interrogated. The sergeant then fought alongside his fellow soldiers outside the bunker; he was left astray, but regrouped with backup forces who helped him find Captain Zimmerman.

The sergeant and the remaining soldiers battled the Nazis outside the cliff-side bunker where the fire elemental threatening the Allied fleet was being held. He witnessed his captain's death first hand, and later remarked to Magnus that Zimmerman had been "one of the best". Magnus told him they succeeded, and that Zimmerman would not be forgotten.[1]


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