Franz Korba
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Full Name
Franz Korba
Male   Male
Death date
6 June 1944
Normandy, France
Portrayed by
First Appearance
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Colonel Franz Korba was a German military officer and the commander of a secret SS division responsible for capturing abnormals and using them for the Nazi war effort.

He was in charge of an operation to recover a fire elemental from a tomb below Tunis in 1943. The creature burned Kobra's retinas, forcing him to wear special sunglasses. A year later, he was ready to deploy the elemental against the Allied invasion fleet on D-Day. However, the Five were able to spoil his plans, and Kobra himself was killed by John Druitt, whom he had betrayed before.

He was the one who revealed to the Five that Adolf Hitler was actually dead, having been killed by Druitt in the fall of 1943.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

Known as Johann colloquially "in the Reich".

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