Helen Magnus arrives in the alternate timeline

The Guardian's Timeline was an alternate timeline that was shown to Dr. Helen Magnus by the Guardian in order to keep her from making the mistake of using an ancient Mayan elixir.

In this unfolding of events in the next ten years after the death of Ashley Magnus, the population of the planet Earth -- both human and abnormal -- was almost completely wiped out by a virus that mutated from the elixir. However, the vision of the events convinced Magnus to return the elixir into the Guardian's custody, and the world shown to her never came to be.[1]

Important events Edit

  • Helen Magnus finally becomes mortal again after taking the Mayan elixir; however, she unwillingly unleashes the virus on the world, and is killed in an Air Force strike on the infected in Buenos Aires before her life can come to a natural end.
  • Will Zimmerman and Kate Freelander become lovers, and have a son they name Magnus.
  • Henry Foss, Bigfoot, and Kate all die in the struggle against the infected. John Druitt commits suicide in a nuclear attack on Boston.
  • The Sanctuary Network is destroyed.

Characters only mentioned in the Guardian's Timeline Edit

Notes and References Edit

  1. Episode 2x05 "Pavor Nocturnus"

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