The Jack the Ripper case was a series of murders around Whitechapel, London, in late 1888. Known in history as the first serial killer case and one of the greatest criminal mysteries, the Whitechapel murders were one of the most tragic moments in Helen Magnus' long life.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

During her time in university and with the Five, Helen was able to acquire a pure sample of blood from the extinct vampire species. The Five's curiosity led to them each taking an injection of the serum that Helen derived from the blood. As a result of their injection each member of the Five gained their own unique powers but what none of them realised was that a killer was also created on that very night.

The killing starts Edit

Not long after the Five gained and started adapting to their abilities, a string of brutal murders began in the Whitechapel area of London. The victims were all young prostitutes and the brutality of the killings was the most worrisome thing. James Watson decided to use his enhanced intellect to bring the killer to justice, and it was most likely the rest of the Five were drawn in to the mystery due to the possibility of Abnormal involvement. For weeks they investigated, but even Watson's brilliant mind was unable to discover the identity of the killer, who was able to stay several steps ahead of him.

A Wolf in the Fold Edit

Soon however whether by luck or accident the identity of the killer was finally revealed to be that of John Druitt, fellow Five member and fiance of Helen Magnus. While the other members of the Five had been able to adjust to the physical and psychological changes brought about by their transformations, John's power had awoken a psychotic nature within him that craved murders. The rest of the Five were left horrified by the revelation, but none more so than Helen and James, who thought they knew John the best.

The Five splintered Edit

After the discovery of John's grisly deeds, the Five were left reeling but one thing was made clear to them: they had to split up. Despite the fact they were more than capable of defending themselves, John's power meant he could strike anywhere at any time, and not even the Five could stay on guard forever. They each quickly left London with no word on where they would travel to and decided to keep moving for awhile until John lost interest in them. Helen, who was especially vulnerable as she did not have any real offensive or defensive powers, was the most at risk. But despite this, she was apparently given a parting gift from her friends in the form of the EM shield prototype, which would allow her a significant measure of defense from John if he tried to come after her.

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