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Commander Juno Toland was the head of security of the city of Praxis.

He was on partol with one of his teams when Will Zimmerman and Helen Magnus found one of the gateways that served as entry points to Hollow Earth. He stepped forward and found out about them, although it is not known how. He and his men then left for Praxis using an airship-like vehicle, and he personally informed Ranna Seneschal, the leader of his people, about the intruders. She ordered him to find them and bring them to her.

Toland lured the "surface dwellers" into a trap by ordering his men to wait outside the transporter, and brought Magnus, Will, Henry, and Kate before Ranna, who was pleased with his conduct.[1]

Later, he was introduced to Magnus and questioned Ranna's decision of reviving her; Ranna then told him that they needed her because of her skills. Although suspicious of the surface dwellers, he worked with them to help Kanaan and figure out Adam Worth's plan.[2]

He was presumably killed when Praxis was destroyed by Adam Worth and the rebelling Abnormals.[3]

Background Edit

Toland was listed as "Praxis Guard" in the credits of "Hollow Men", his name was established in the next episode.

Notes and References Edit

Although it's very unlikely that he survived, it is possible, the (parallel) Magnus would surely have tried to warn Praxis that the end was coming, and to take refuge in the bunkers, then head for the new Underground Sanctuary.
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