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[On the ship: It's a mess. The air is smoky; there are sirens and people helping the fallen.]

HENRY: No, I'm good. I'm good.

HELEN: We need a stretcher back there! Henry!

HENRY: What happened?

HELEN: It'll need stitches, But it'll have to wait, I'm afraid.

[Helen holds out her hand and a passing tech gives her some gauze she gives to Henry.]''

HELEN: Thank you. Hold that on. Stay here. Get those men out of the water!

[Helen runs off.]


[Ravi and Kate and others are carrying Will on a stretcher.]''

RAVI: Quickly!

KATE: Jaldi! Come on! Get the door! Come on, guys. Hurry up.

RAVI: Right here.

KATE: Hurry up, come on.

RAVI: Let's go. Pulse is thready.

KATE: Get us back to the sanctuary, now!

RAVI: Move it.

KATE: Come on, Will. Stay with me. Come on!


CREWMAN: We've gained control of the helm again, sir.

CAPTAIN: Bring us about. Close the gap between us and the lifeboats.

CREWMAN: Sir, yes, sir.

TERRANCE: Belay that order. Bertha's still on the island. We have a clear shot.

CAPTAIN: But the men in the water--

TERRANCE: Will be dead if she launches another wave. What's our weapons status?

CAPTAIN: Recalibrating. We took a huge hit.

TERRANCE: Get them up and running as quickly as possible. Get me close to that damn spider.

CREWMAN: Aye, Sir.


HELEN: Get him to the infirmary immediately.

[Helen goes to the chopper and grabs the radio.]''

KATE: Why the hell is it taking so long?

RAVI: It's Dharavi.

[phone rings]

KATE: It's Magnus.

RAVI: Put it on speaker.

KATE: Magnus. What's going on?

HELEN: Kate. You have to evacuate the coastal areas of Mumbai Immediately.

KATE: What?

HELEN: Wexford fired depth charges at Bertha. She responded by creating a massive tidal wave. It's headed your way.

KATE: How long do we have?

HELEN: It's hard to say. It's already taken down two of our ships. If we don't warn people of the danger--

KATE: Okay, okay, just leave it with me.

HELEN: How's will?

KATE: Uh, I'll have to get back to you on that. Hey! Pull up over here.

RAVI: Where are you going?

[Kate gets out of the van.]''

KATE: I'll have to get back to you on that.

RAVI: Kate! Kate, wait! Let's go.

[Helen hangs up the radio and notices that the ship is leaving the wreckage of the others.]''

HELEN: Oh, bloody hell!

[She storms onto the bridge.]''

HELEN: Why are we heading away from the lifeboats? You're going after Bertha? After what just happened?

TERRANCE: You saw what she can do.

HELEN: After you provoked her. And now you intend to do it again.

TERRANCE: This time I'll be prepared.

HELEN: Terrence, think about what you're doing.

TERRANCE: This is not your operation, Helen! You are no longer head of the sanctuary network. I am.

[Helen leaves the bridge and gets into the chopper.]''

HELEN: Come on, come on.


CREWMAN: Missiles armed and ready, sir. We have a target lock.

TERRANCE: Fire. I said fire!

CREWMAN: Sorry, sir, Dr. Magnus' helicopter is between us and the target.

TERRANCE: Dammit! Helen, come in. I know you can hear me, Helen. This is not a game. You need to return to the ship right now.

HELEN: This is not your decision to make, Terrence. Bertha must survive.

TERRANCE: What is she doing?

CREWMAN: She's headed straight for the target.

[Helen buzzes Kali, trying to scare her into the water.]''

HELEN: Come on, get back in the water.

TERRANCE: What the hell is that?

CREWMAN: Localized magnetic burst, sir. But it fried our control systems and our helm.

TERRANCE: Well, fix it!

[Helen is hit by the burst and loses control of the chopper.]''

HELEN: Oh dear.


[Reporting in via video conference.]''

TERRANCE: We had a clear shot at Bertha. Unfortunately, circumstances intervened.

BIGFOOT: What's your next move?

TERRANCE: Obviously I intend to pursue her further, but in the meantime, we have another serious problem that needs to be addressed. Bertha created a large tidal wave, which is headed towards the coasts of India, Pakistan, And the Arabian Peninsula. You should be receiving the data shortly.

DECLAN: My god.

TERRANCE: We anticipate it hitting landfall in Mumbai In the next three hours, following that, the four other targets Four hours later.

DECLAN: What are we going to do?

TERRANCE: There's nothing that we can do. I'm relying on you to contact the necessary authorities.

DECLAN: How did this happen?

TERRANCE: Bertha lashed out at us. We're finally seeing the true effects Of Magnus keeping her alive.

BIGFOOT: Where is Magnus?

TERRANCE: Her helicopter went into the ocean. We commenced rescue operations, but unfortunately the wreckage sank before we arrived at the site.

DECLAN: Wait, are you saying she's...?

TERRANCE: Rescue operations are ongoing. But I fear the worst.


RAVI: Bp's 80 over 50. We'll start an IV. Will! Will, can you hear me? Will?

WILL: What happened?

RAVI: You collapsed in the street.

WILL: Was I... Dancing?

RAVI: Like a regular shahrukh khan. That's a good thing.

WILL: I saw Kali. She was angry.

RAVI: She had reason to be. Wexford fired on her.

WILL: What happened?

RAVI: She started a tidal wave, will. It's on its way here.

WILL: We have to do something. I have to contact Kali again.

RAVI: Whoa, whoa. Not in your condition. You need to rest.

KATE: A tidal wave. Look, I need to talk to the minister right away. My reference is Helen Magnus. I told you. Yes, sir, thank you. Look, I don't have time to explain. The holy hell of Poseidon Is about to come down on your city in the next two hours. Full evacuations have started, but you need to get the tsunami warning horns on. Look, I'm saying if you don't turn on your sirens right now, And I mean this minute, Thousands of people are gonna die. Shukriyah, minister sahib. Thank you. Come on! Everyone, come on!


HENRY: You forced her into this. Her blood is on your hands.

TERRANCE: That's not true, and you know it. Magnus attacked Bertha on her own accord. She knew the risks.

HENRY: What the hell do you want?

TERRANCE: I need you to restore contact with Bertha's tracking beacon and fix our targeting systems.

HENRY: You gotta be kidding me.

TERRANCE: There's a dangerous abnormal on the loose that needs our attention.

HENRY: Go to hell.

TERRANCE: Look, I'm not asking you to forget Magnus or trample on her memory in any way, but there are millions of lives at stake here.


CHARLES: No injuries to report. Damage was minimal, but we did take on a lot of water. Luckily, we rode the wave bow-on. I put the old woman in a stateroom to calm her down.

FORSYTHE: Yeah, good luck with that.

CHARLES: Mr. Forsythe, I have to ask-- What do you want us to do now?

FORSYTHE: Now? There is no "now," thanks to Magnus.

CHARLES: Sir? You okay?

FORSYTHE: No. I'm not.


[Will is sitting cross-legged on the bed while Ravi stands beside him. He's trying to contact Kali.]''

WILL: Nothing.

RAVI: Keep trying.


KATE: No, no, no, no, no. We have no time for this. Come on, we need to go. We need to go over there. It's okay. Come on. Come on, everyone. Come on. Jaldi. Keep going. Jaldi. Jaldi.

[Kate’s phone rings]''

KATE: Kate.

RAVI: The wave is very close. You need to get back here.

KATE: I can't. We're not done here.

RAVI: Kate, listen to me. There's no time.

WOMAN: [upset] Janu! Janu! Janu!

KATE: Look, I gotta go.

RAVI: Wait, Kate--

KATE: I'll be fine.

[Kate hangs up her phone]

KATE: What's going on?

WOMAN [in Hindi]: My son Janu is missing. He was here. He's gone.

KATE: Okay. It's fine. I'll find him. I'll find him. Come on, go. Everyone, go! I'll find him. Janu! Janu!

[Kate finds the boy in a 'room' with a bunch of men.]

KATE: [in Hindi] Oh, no, no, no, no. No, you guys can't be here. We need to go, now.

OLD MAN [in Hindi]: take the boy. We'll be fine. Take him. Go.

KATE: Come on. Come on!

[Kate hears the water coming.]''

KATE: Come on. Come on! Run!


RAVI: Aw, Satyanash.

WILL: What happened?

RAVI: The wave just took out Dharavi. I can't reach Kate.


FORSYTHE: That's funny; I thought I said I wasn't to be disturbed.

CHARLES: Sorry, sir. But there's something you need to see.

FORSYTHE: Yeah, I highly doubt that. In fact, I've pretty much seen everything I need to see for the rest of my life.

CHARLES: You're gonna want to come for this.

FORSYTHE: Ooh, can I guess? Is a giant squid attacking the ship? Does Gisele Bundchen want my phone number? Did Grimsby win the FA cup?

[Helen is kneeling on the deck, soaking wet. Two men stand over her, holding their gun.]''

CHARLES: We just fished her out of the water.

FORSYTHE: Well, I'll be damned.


[The computers have been ripped open with wires hanging out.]''

TERRANCE: What the hell is this? Mr. Foss, I asked you to fix the computers, not ship them home piece by piece.

HENRY: I hate to break it to you. When a giant spider fries your system, it takes a little more than "control-alt-delete" To get things running again.

TERRANCE: I hope you understand if we don't track Bertha down and neutralize her--

HENRY: Yeah, I know, the whole world will end, Cats will rule the earth, I get it. You gave me the sales pitch already. But there's a lot of damage here, dude.

TERRANCE: I want this mess fixed in an hour. You get me, dude?

HENRY: Jackass.


[Kate is hunched over the boy. She and he are soaking wet.]''

KATE: Taki? Yeah?

[Kate’s phone rings]''

KATE: Get up. Hey, I told you I'd be fine.

RAVI: Don't do that again. How bad is it?

[Kate looks down to total destruction and swirling water.]''


[Helen is in the stateroom, rapped in a blanket, Forsyth pours her some tea.]''

FORSYTHE: It's Darjeeling summer tea. They say it gets its taste from the Himalayan breeze that cools the valley where it grows. Not impressed? I have to say I am so honored to be here with you. I'm such a fan. I've been a fan of yours for a long, long time, Ever since I heard that speech you did in Maldives About the new genus of bakunawa.

[Helen tosses her tea in the thug's face and overpowers him, taking his gun.]''

Forsyth: Really? Why? Why do I even hire these guys?

HELEN: This is not a social call. I appreciate you saving my life, but your utter recklessness has caused unimaginable pain and suffering to the people of this region, And it promises to do much worse before this is over.

FORSYTHE: Are you gonna kill me?

HELEN: No. You are going to communicate with Bertha and convince her to stop these waves.

FORSYTHE: Yeah, I can't do that.

[Helen glares and cocks the pistol.''

FORSYTHE: No, really. I can't do it.

HELEN: Why not?

FORSYTHE: Same reason as I don't really give a crap about that gun being in my face.

[Forsythe pulls the dead spider out of his pocket,]''

HELEN: The makri.

FORSYTHE: Yeah. It died about an hour ago. Apparently these rare form of arachnid species Has a low tolerance for stress. And, of course, as its former host, I'm a dead man as well. So, sorry, but without him, I can't connect to Bertha any more than you can.


RAVI: We were lucky. Most of the residents were able to get to high ground in time. If it hadn't been for Dr. Magnus's warning, Things would have been much worse. What's the news on the other waves?

DECLAN: None good, I'm afraid. ESA satellite imagery indicates both have increased in size, No doubt as a result of passing through shallow water. This is the projected fallout once they make landfall. Evacuations are proceeding in Shalala and Karachi, but there's no way we can clear the entire area in time.

RAVI: In other words...

DECLAN: We need a bloody miracle.


[Helen and Forsythe looking out window into the ocean]

FORSYTHE: Bibi! So nice of you to have joined us.

RHEKA: Haven't you done enough?

FORSYTHE: Troublesome Kali cult member, Meet Dr. Helen Magnus.

RHEKA: From the sanctuary? Cha Kali maki. [presses palm together and bows]

HELEN: Cha Kali maki. [presses hands together and bows in return]

FORSYTHE: You guys know each other?

RHEKA: She is well known among my people for protecting the special creatures of the earth.

HELEN: I'm so sorry about what happened to the makri. Your people have done a remarkable job of keeping it safe.

RHEKA: It wasn't your fault. It was the fault of this pitnash. [points at Forsythe]

FORSYTHE: Ouch, Bibi.

HELEN: We need to get in contact with Kali. Can we do that without the makri?

RHEKA: You wish her to help stop the destruction.

HELEN: I believe it's still possible.

RHEKA: With Kali, anything is possible. But only if her true host pleases her. If there is no makri, then he must dance the rapati sungu.

HELEN: Yes, we tried that already, and it worked at first, but one of my own people interfered, and the connection was lost. Please, is there anything else?


[Will and Kate jogging into room, Helen is on video conference]

WILL: Magnus?

HELEN: Hello, Will.

WILL: How did you...? Where are you?

HELEN: I'll explain later.

HELEN: Listen, I've just found out that there may be a way to restore communication with Kali.

WILL: That's great. How?

HELEN: There is a belief amongst the members of the cult that Kali will appear to a former host One final time at the gates to the spirit realm.

WILL: Spirit realm? As in...

HELEN: I'm afraid so. In order to talk to Kali, you have to die.


KATE: You're kidding, right? Since when do we trade on blind faith? And even if it's true, Kali may not listen, or she may not be able to stop the waves.

WILL: Give me a minute?

RAVI: Of course.

KATE: Tell me you're not seriously considering this.

WILL: Just...Give me the room.

[Kate and Ravi leave]

WILL: How sure are you about this?

HELEN: Not very. Like all beliefs, it comes down to a leap of faith. We do know that Bertha shares some connectivity with the rest of the world. We've seen evidence of this in the abnormals that reacted to her outbursts, but whether or not she can control the waves is anyone's guess.

WILL: Walk me through it.

HELEN: We induce cardiac arrest, but continue to monitor your brain activity so we can revive you.

WILL: What if it doesn't work?

HELEN: It will.

WILL: No... I mean what if it's not long enough? I'm just saying, I'm dead anyway. Once the makri leaves the host, the host dies. Those are the rules. So what exactly am I coming back for?

HELEN: Because I'm not prepared to give up on you that easily.

WILL: Magnus--

HELEN: The decision to do this may be yours, but the decision about how far to take it is absolutely mine. No argument, will.


[Henry finds Bertha's location and downloads it to a portable hard drive that he sticks in his pocket.]''

TERRANCE: Mr. Foss? How are we doing here?

HENRY: Well, I've managed to reconnect With Navstar, but the readings are all wrong. According to this, we're sailing through the arctic.

TERRANCE: This is taking too long.

HENRY: Well, I'm working as fast as I can.

TERRANCE: Somehow I don't believe you.

CREWMAN: Sir? We have an incoming transmission for you. An unknown source.



HELEN: Hello, Terrence. Henry.

TERRANCE: You're alive.

HELEN: Sorry to burst your bubble.

TERRANCE: That's not fair, Helen. I know we've had our differences, but I've always had the utmost respect for you, and the best interests of the sanctuary at heart.

HELEN: Good. Then pay attention. We think we've found a way for will to reconnect with Kali. He's going to attempt to convince her to stop the waves.


HELEN: We don't know yet, But if he can reason with her--

TERRANCE: Reason with her?

HELEN: And if I'm right about her interconnectedness to other life forms--

TERRANCE: Helen, are you listening to yourself?

HELEN: All I'm asking for is a bit of time, Terrence. Bertha isn't a threat at the moment.

TERRANCE: According to who?

HELEN: If you attack her, as you did before, you will not only put will's life in danger, but you risk angering her again.

TERRANCE: We've been through this. My orders, as given to me by the heads of the sanctuary network, are to eliminate Bertha. And if you're smart, you'll stay out of my way.

HELEN: I can't do that, Terrence. There's too much at stake.

TERRANCE: Then I can't guarantee your safety. I'm sorry it's come to this, Helen.

HELEN: And yet, here we are.

[She hangs up on him.]''

TERRANCE: She's on a ship nearby. Find out which one.

CREWMAN: Right away, sir.

TERRANCE: Mr. Foss, step away from the console.

HENRY: What?

[Henry wolfs out and Terrance fins out. Terrance spits in Henry's eye, incapicating him.]''

TERRANCE: I will not have you sabotage my efforts Now that you know Magnus is alive. Take him to a secure room.

HENRY: Dude, that is gross! Ow!


[Forsythe is throwing and squishing a yellow/green squishy ball]

HELEN: Dammit!

FORSYTHE: I told you. That last magnetic burst completely wiped our systems.

CHARLES: Let me widen the parameters, Run it again.

HELEN: Thank you, Charles.

FORSYTHE: Charles? I thought your name was Carl.

CHARLES: Charles.

HELEN: You know, you could help, Instead of lounging around like a frat boy.

FORSYTHE: I gave you Carl, didn't I?

CHARLES: Charles.

FORSYTHE: Anyway, why should I care? My days are numbered in hours.

HELEN: If Wexford finds Bertha before we do, it'll ruin any chance we have of stopping those waves. Not to mention what she'll do if he attacks again.

[Forsythe is tossing a ball against the wall and it squeaks.]''

FORSYTHE: Not really my problem, is it? But it's a wonder to see you work.

[Forsythe loses his ball, it rolls to Helen’s feet.]

FORSYTHE: Could you pass me my ball, please?

[Helen glares and throws it out the window, we hear birds squawking]''


[Will is half dressed sitting on a metal gurney]

KATE: For the record, I still think this is a crazy idea. Most ancient myths are designed to freak people out.

WILL: (very fatalistic) in the bottom drawer of my desk, There's an envelope. I wrote some things down, and--

KATE: No. No, no way. We are not having this conversation.

WILL: Yes, we are.

KATE: Because nothing's gonna happen.

[Ravi looks up at the two of them]

WILL: Yes, it is.

KATE: Look, I don't give a crap about your "last requests," okay? And if that pisses you off, then you're welcome to cross my name Off of whatever is in that envelope when you get back. Do you got it?

WILL: Yep.

[Will lies down]


HENRY: Thanks, you guys. I know, rock and a hard place, right? Go ahead. Do your jobs. I'm fine.

[Henry pulls the hard drive and other stuff out of his pocket and starts to work.]''


CHARLES: Dr. Magnus, I'm receiving an incoming data stream.

HELEN: What does it say?

CHARLES: It's a simple binary code.

FORSYTHE: What do you suppose that means?

[Helen begins writing down the numbers]

HELEN: They're coordinates.

FORSYTHE: What for? Who sent them?

HELEN: Henry. He's giving us Bertha's location. Plot a course.

[Helen rips notepage out and hand it to Charles, Forsythe smile and nods , impressed]


RAVI: I think we're ready to go.

KATE: You sure you wanna go through with this?

WILL: Oh, yeah. Today is a good day to die.

RAVI: Okay. This is going to hurt a lot while you're conscious.

WILL: Do it quickly, then.

RAVI: Charging to 150. Clear! Charging to 200. Clear!

[Will is in a golden wheat field.]

RAVI: Asystole. Start the clock.

KATE: How long until we bring him back?

RAVI: Five minutes. Max.


WILL: Kali.

[Will runs towards her.]''


RAVI: Kate. How much time?

KATE: Three minutes, six seconds.

[Golden wheat field. Will is running towards her and then a giant chasm opens up.]

WILL: How do I get across? Leap of faith. Okay. Leap of faith.

[Will jumps and falls. He lands in a throne room of a sort. Kali is sitting there. Two men are on either side. One African, the other American Indian. Four acolytes stand behind them.]''


RAVI: Four and a half minutes. Let's get him back out.

KATE: No argument from me.

RAVI: Charging to 300. Clear!

[Will doesn't respond.]''

KATE: Ravi...

RAVI: Charging to 360. Clear!


KALI: You are a loyal host, durga.


CREWMAN: Captain, we have a problem. It t looks like someone was transmitting some sort of rudimentary code through our communications array.

TERRANCE: That son of a bitch. It's Foss. He transmitted Bertha's location to Magnus. Plot that course immediately. We need to catch up to her.



RAVI: He's not responding. Starting compressions. Bag him!

KATE: What?

[Ravi grabs an ambou bag and gives it to her.]''

RAVI: Take this bag and squeeze it into his lungs. One, two, three, four, bag. One, two, three, four. Bag.

KATE: Come on, will.


WILL: What is this place?

KALI: It is very special. Only a select few are allowed inside.

Will looks at the two men with Kali.

WILL: Who are they?

KALI: So many questions, durga! Is that why you came to see me?

WILL: No. I came to ask for your help. For your mercy.

KALI: You wish me to stop the waves.

WILL: Yes. Can you do that?

KALI: Perhaps. But why should I?

WILL: Because millions of people will die. My people.

KALI: Your people attacked me.

WILL: Only some of them. The ones who don't understand you.

KALI: And you understand me, durga?

WILL: No, not completely. I didn't even know who you were until recently. But now that I do, I see how deeply connected you are to my world. You communicate with many things, and we must learn to communicate with you, but right now, many lives are in your hands. Please, Kali. To show mercy means nothing to you, but it will mean everything to us.


RAVI: How much time? Kate, how long?

KATE: Eight minutes, 15 seconds.

RAVI: I'm so sorry.

KATE: We can't stop.

RAVI: But, Kate, he's had no brain activity for over eight minutes.

KATE: We can not stop! Push! Push! Go!


KALI: You spoke well, durga. You have served me loyally. I will attempt to grant you your wish.

WILL: Thank you.

[Kali closes her eyes and concentrates.]


CHARLES: We're approaching the coordinates. I'm picking up another magnetic disturbance.

HELEN: I know. What on earth is she doing?

FORSYTHE: We've got company. It's the sanctuary ship.


TERRANCE: Get her on the radio.

CREWMAN: Aye, sir.

TERRANCE: Helen, come in.


HELEN: This is Magnus.


TERRANCE: You need to give way, Helen.


HELEN: I can't do that, Terrence.


TERRANCE: I told you not to interfere. Arm weapons.


CHARLES: Dr. Magnus? I'm receiving an urgent call for you.

HELEN: Hello?

BIGFOOT: Just so you know, I wasn't worried.

HELEN: It's good to hear your voice, old friend. What've you got?

BIGFOOT: Report out of Shalala. The wave bearing down on the coast of Oman... Neutralized.

HELEN: What? How?

BIGFOOT: Red tide. Giant algae bloom stretching the entire coast. I'm sending you the satellite image now.

HELEN: It's amazing. Hundreds of miles of red algae would've completely altered the viscosity of the water.


TERRANCE: Helen, I have limited patience. You need to stand down.


HELEN: I'll get back to you. Listen. I'm sending you a report out of Shalala. I'm convinced Bertha did this. Will's attempt to communicate with Bertha was a success!


TERRANCE: For all we know, this could be a coincidence, Or perhaps the abnormal community acting independently.


HELEN: Be reasonable, Terrence. All I'm asking for is a little more time to allow what's happening to run its course.


TERRANCE: Our scans indicate that Bertha is generating magnetic energy as we speak. The risks are too high.


HELEN: Terrence—


TERRANCE: We're done! You need to clear the target area immediately, or you will be fired upon. Target that ship.


CHARLES: What are we going to do now?

HELEN: We stay put. We need to give her time to stop the other wave.

FORSYTHE: We don't all have to. It only takes one person to control the ship, doesn't it? And I'm a dead man, right? There's a launch below, so you guys need to get on it. [coughs] Charles, Go and tell everybody else, and don't forget about the old woman, all right?

CHARLES: Yes, sir.

HELEN: You don't have to do this.

FORSYTHE: 'course I do.

HELEN: Pangaea. That was your plan. A private colony out here. Your own sanctuary.

FORSYTHE: Bertha was to be the jewel. Oh, it was gonna be beautiful. The island of Dr. Moreau, but... Done properly. You can't blame me for dreaming big.

HELEN: It's a rare quality these days.

FORSYTHE: Yeah. Get going, darlin', before I change my mind.

HELEN: Thank you, Mr. Forsythe.


HELEN: Edward.

[Over the radio.]

TERRANCE: Helen, come in. Helen! This is your final warning.

FORSYTHE: Oh, shut up.

TERRANCE: You need to clear the target area immediately.

FORSYTHE: This is H.M.S. I-don't-give-a-crap. If you happen to be an uptight amphibian martinet with a napoleon complex, please bugger off. Otherwise, leave a message after the tone, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible… Beep!


TERRANCE: Fire the missiles.

CAPTAIN: Sir, that's a civilian ship.


CAPTAIN: I will not, sir.

TERRANCE: Then you're relieved. Fire the missiles.

CREWMAN: Captain--

TERRANCE: Fire the damn missiles!

[Terrance slaps the firing button and the missiles fire, blowing up Forsythe's ship.]

TERRANCE: Good. Now, target Bertha, all batteries.

CREWMAN: Craft approaching starboard.


[Helen is on the launch, a missile launcher on her shoulder. She fires and takes out the conning tower.]

HELEN: Get us closer to the boarding ladder.



CREWMAN: Tactical communication tower's down. Targeting system's offline.

TERRANCE: Fire everything.

CREWMAN: Sir, we have no guidance system. If we fire now, we have no control of where it goes--

TERRANCE: Get out of my way!

CREWMAN: Sir, no...

[Terrance fires the missiles and they hit around the island, knocking Kali over.]


[Kali falls from her throne and onto the dais.]''

WILL: Kali!

[acolytes move to Will and restrain him]


HELEN: Declan! What’s the status of the sand wave?

DECLAN: Still headed for Karachi. Estimated impact in three minutes.


[Will rushed forward to help Kali but is held back by the acolytes.]''

WILL: Please. I don't know who you guys are, but if you're in here with her, you must be powerful. Please. Save her life. My world depends on her survival.

[The two men look at him and don't verbally respond. They both dissolve into smoke and one of the acolytes reaches out to grab Will's wrist….and he wakes up.]''


KATE: Will!

WILL: What happened?

RAVI: Unbelievable. Get the ice off.

KATE: I told you you'd be back.


[Helen storms the bridge of the Sanctuary ship.]''

HELEN: Stand down, Terrence.

TERRANCE: How dare you try to commandeer this ship? Arrest her.

CAPTAIN: I think I speak for everyone here when I say we respectfully refuse.

[Terrance fins out, trying to intimidate. Helen is totally unimpressed.]''

HELEN: Look at yourself. What have you become? It's over.

[Terrance unfins himself]


[Rocks falling into the ocean and causes a wave to deflect the one produced by Kali]

DECLAN: Are you getting this?

BIGFOOT: Earthquakes.

DECLAN: Three of them. Land-based. At the southern tip of Pakistan. My good god. I don't believe it.


CREWMAN: Captain, Dr. Magnus, We're receiving multiple reports. The third wave was stopped by a massive counter wave 30 klicks offshore.

HELEN: Was it Bertha?

CREWMAN: Negative. She's alive but inactive.

HELEN: Were we tracking any abnormal sea life in the area?

CREWMAN: No other information. Just calm seas off Karachi.

HELEN: Incredible. Captain, set a course for Mumbai. We'll collect the rest of the lifeboats en route.

CAPTAIN: Yes, ma'am.

[Helen looks back at Terrance, he lowers his head, Helen turns around smiling]


[Helen standing behind her desk. Several boxes are sitting on the floor.]''

HELEN: Remarkable. Whatever happened to you when you died must have cured the effects of the makri. And yet you still have no recollection of it?

WILL: Uh-uh. For all I know, I could have been chatting with Elvis.

HELEN: Don't be ridiculous. Elvis is— [Will gives her a look] Never mind. I was really hoping you could shed some light on those mysterious earthquakes that cancelled out the third wave. I've been going over the data, but none of it makes any sense. Their timing and geographic placement Are far too coincidental for it to have been a natural occurrence, And Bertha was already down by then.

WILL: Which means?

HELEN: Which means, Will... I don't know what happened.

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