Liaison Officer
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in custody, likely deceased
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Before World War II
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The liaison officer[1] was an officer of the United States Army who served during World War II.

During the time just prior to the Allied langing in Normandy, he constantly checked up on Nikola Tesla and assisted him in any way he could, and often joked and talked with Tesla. He was eventually revealed as an SS mole that alerted the Nazis of Helen Magnus and her companions' activities in France and gave them any other info he could. He was responsible for the Nazi ambush on Magnus and her companions.

He was lured into a trap by Tesla by using the autotype, and was caught red handed. It turned out that his family were Nazi sympathizers, and the SS recruited him back at West Point. He was then taken into custody to await trial for treason.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. His name is given as Lieutenant Hallman in media. (source please!)
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