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The Lotus Team Leader is a high ranking agent of the pricate Lotus Defense Corps.

He is charged with managing the crisis surrounding the time dilation field created over the town of Carentan in northern France. He has the entire area sealed off and even censores the satellite imagery. When Dr. Helen Magnus of the Sanctuary Network confronts him about his actions, he is unwilling to even tell her his real name and sends her and her team away.

Later on, he has Declan MacRae and Kate Freelander detained when they are caught inside the security perimeter. They try to convince him that Magnus is working on a way to solve the problem, but he decides to have Carentan destroyed with an airstrike. Magnus and Will Zimmerman are able to deactivate the dilation field in the last minute.[1]

Background Edit

The Lotus team leader is played by Barclay Hope, who is well known to Stargate fans for his role as Colonel Lionel Pendergast, commander of the ill-fated starship Prometheus.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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