Magnus Zimmerman
Full Name
Magnus Zimmerman
Male   Male
Birth date
2017 (Guardian's Timeline)
First Appearance
  ●   TV Series: 
"Pavor Nocturnus" (mentioned)

Magnus Zimmerman was the son of Kate Freelander and Will Zimmerman in the Guardian's Timeline, born around one year after the death of Dr. Helen Magnus.

Kate and Will named him after Magnus. Sometime after his birth, since most of humanity was destroyed, he was placed in one of the last remaining colonies, while Kate and Will continued fighting and both died in battle against the infected. Due to the fact that witnessing these events kept the Helen Magnus from the past from causing the global catastrophe in the first place, Magnus Zimmerman will likely never exist in the normal timeline.[1]

Notes and References Edit

  1. Episode 2x05 "Pavor Nocturnus"