Mary Anne Zimmerman
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Mary Ann Zimmerman
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Mary Anne Zimmerman is the human mother of Will Zimmerman. She was killed by an abnormal when he was a child, she was only 33 years old.[1]

The grief over her death drew a rift between Will and his father that took decades to heal.[2]

When Will was under the influence of a psych worm in late 2010, he saw himself as a heart surgeon, and believed that it would have made his mother proud.[3]

Background Edit

Mrs Zimmerman's full name and dates of birth and death were revealed on her tombstone in the fourth season episode "Homecoming".  In the episode "Animus" Will reveals she was irish, telling Henry that she was from Dublin.

Notes and References Edit

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  2. Episode 4x06 - "Homecoming"
  3. Episode 3x19 - "Out of The Blue"

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