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Will and Henry are walking through the halls, talking.

Will: Just don't give me the new era speech again.

Henry: Dude, it is totally new era. Thanks to Addison and the U.N., we have no commercial banking access, We have no military or law enforcement support.

Will: It is cold in here, or is it just me?

Henry: We also have no love from the mayor's office, Which means no breaks on our heating bills or property taxes.

Will: Really?

Henry: Really.

Will: Oh, man. Abby's coming over for lunch today. We're celebrating her big promotion And I bought all this gourmet food and those sea salt chocolates you told me about—Henry: All right, I'll fix the heating.

Will: Thank you. I will save you some chicken. Henry: I'm getting paid in chicken now. Actually, it could be worse.

Will: Yeah, sure it could. Think about Magnus.

Henry: Yeah, so what's the deal with Africa? Why not Switzerland, or Monaco, or wherever this guy's from?

Will: She didn't tell you? This guy, Feliz, he lives on his plane.

Henry: Shut up!

Will: Yeah, yeah. He sends you the coordinates of some landing spot 24 hours in advance. In this case, it's some lawless island off the coast of Mozambique.

Henry: So he never stays in one place for long.

Will: No. How "Bond villain" is that?

Henry: So, he's our guy now?

Will: Yeah, yeah. If you want something kept hidden or off the grid, Richard Feliz is your man. He's our underground ally.

Henry: Lawless island. That sounds dodgy.

Will: Aw, come on, for "bullets and leather" Magnus? She can handle it.

Island of Grand Comore

Mozambique Channel

400 km off the Africa coast

Magnus is sitting in a small lounge, reading a magazine.

Overhead: Votre attention,s'il vous plait... (Your attention please.)

Brad: Thank you. Steward: You're welcome. Overhead: ...Voulez-vous presenterau comptoir d'embarquement... (Departure Counter)

Brad: So, you come here often?

She won't look up.

Magnus: Whatever fantasies you have about you and I, are not going to happen. Brad: Oh, come on, now. I have to know your story. From what I understand, women like to tell it. Brad Sylvester.

Magnus: You have a lot of experience with women, Mr. Sylvester?

Brad: Enough. You know, just being friendly with a fellow traveler.

He sits down.

Brad: CEO, Day-and-Night-Poker. You look like a woman who enjoys games.

Magnus: Really?

Brad: Enjoy the weather. It changes all the time.

His phone rings and he walks off.

Magnus: Yes, I've-I've been to Africa before.

Another man introduces himself.

Photographer: Photographer. Canadian Press, and I promise, I will not hit on you. But only because I've got a killer deadline to meet.

Magnus: Good enough reason.

Another passenger is talking loudly on his phone. He has a heavy Russian accent.

Feodor: Yes, no, I cannot have the Irish Hammer fighting Hebrew Mick at Caesar's on this date. Why, Vasili? Why? Da, conflict. Also, we have fashion show. Yes, women with large, eh...sash, bathing suits...Thank you. Did I invest in this idea to make money? Don't answer that, Vasili, I will kick you in the throat. Right in the throat. Get this one right or polish your resume. Ai-yi-yi-yi...

He hangs up and addresses the group.

Feodor: My apologies. Totally unseemly. Feodor Glazov, CEO, DCC. Look, please accept these comps to the title bout this month in Atlantic City. You too, my skinny supermodel. You have a man in your—life? He like fun? He has socks? This will blow them off. Magnus: DCC?

Charlotte: Death Cage Competition.

Magnus: Ah, of course. Thank you, Mr. Glazov—Feodor: Please, call me Frank. You've never heard of DCC? Just a matter of time. Fastest growing sport in the world.

Brad: Faster than online poker?

Feodor: Poker is dead. This is future.

Feodor's phone rings.

Feodor: Vasili, give me good news. Yes, bathing suit. They cover the part the sun doesn't shine.

Magnus offers her tickets to the photographer.

Photographer: Uh, no, thanks. That "Cage match" crap is a sign of the apocalypse.

Magnus: Couldn't agree more. Um, are you interested?

She holds them out to Charlotte.

Charlotte: Actually, I was going to give you mine. The only men I know are the ones who buy tickets to Comicon in San Diego a year in advance.

Magnus: A much better breed.

Charlotte: Charlotte Benoit.

Magnus: Helen Magnus.

Charlotte: What brings you here?

Magnus: Oh, you know, the dependable weather. You?

Charlotte: Work. I've been on Madagascar for the past three months studying Lemur migration. Their population patterns, their diet changes. Magnus: Lemurs, wonderful animals. Very versatile. Um...Scent glands in their paws, if I'm right.

Charlotte: Okay, I'm definitely getting a scientist vibe from you. Are you here on research too?

Magnus: I wish. No, I'm meeting someone.

Charlotte: Well, that's very mysterious.

Magnus: Isn't it?

A small plane lands and 4 people get off. They pull out guns and shoot the two ground crew before heading towards the terminal.

Magnus: Dear God.

Two accomplices in the terminal draw their weapons.

Chesky: Easy, people. Back away from the windows. Hands where we can see 'em.

Leader: Everyone stays exactly where they are...

Magnus: Do you mind explaining this?

Leader: Sure. We're here to rob you all blind.


Sanctuary. Will and Abby are walking down the halls.

Abby: Did I mention the new office? With walls and a door and everything! Oh, water cooler? Hmm! It's just down the hall.

Will: And something about a window?

Abby: Yeah, that opens, to the fresh air—to an alley, but, I mean, who cares?

Will: I love you, the pay raise means nothing, but a window, a door, a little bit of sunlight, and you are on cloud nine.

Abby: Well, a window means that plant you gave me last year might actually live—you love me?

Nervous, they both talk at once.

Will: Is that plant is still alive? Because it's a fern, they're kind of delicate—You just have to water them a lot-

Abby: Oh, did you get me another one? Because if you did, that's great---and now I'd have two and—Will: Are you hungry?

Abby: Starving.

Will: Congratulations, Special Agent Corrigan. You deserve it, Abby.

Abby: Yes, I do.


Leader: Nicholls, search 'em. Chesky?

Chesky: The tower is down. You took care of the last two ground crew.

Jonesy: Radio, phone, radar, the whole place is sealed off.

Magnus: Look, if it's our belongings you want, I'm sure there's some arrangement that we can—Nicholls: Queen of England, zip it.

She frisks Magnus.

Nicholls: Boss? Broad's got a piece. It's a nice one, too. And a knife. Wow, that's my kind of girl.

Magnus punches her.

Nicholls: Bitch!

Leader: Nicholls, relax. She's an Alpha dog. You just got too close.

Nicholls: I'll make you my dog.

Magnus sneers at her.

Leader: Tyler, how long?

Tyler: 60 seconds, and we're hot.

Leader: So, this here's two-way street, people. We have a secure link to every major bank and financial institution in the world, and that's our part. Your job is to give us your account transit numbers. You give us the right numbers, we transfer the funds, you all keep breathing. You all start getting forgetful, we start shooting you.

Brad: H-how are we supposed to remember our transit numbers? I mean, I use an ATM half the time.

Feodor: Yes, I phone my cousin in Kiev for money stuff. And guess what, bags for douching, I'm not phoning no one.

Brad: Are you guys, like, the stupidest criminals of all time? I mean, who remembers their transfer number?

Photographer: I make $50,000 a year, before taxes, and I'm Canadian. Get the picture?

The leader shoots the photographer.

Leader: The only reason you are on this hole of an island during rainy season is because of business...Business that you would like to keep under the radar. Means you have access to lots of money, money which is now mine. Numbers. Brad: Citibank. 929-639-989, checking. 639-787-786, personal line of credit.

Tyler: Checks out, boss. Guy's got about 190k in there. Or should I say, "had."

Feodor: Give me my phone, I'll make a call.

Leader: And what about you, sweet cheeks?

Charlotte: Uh...I-I-I...I can't remember.

Leader: That is very unfortunate for you.

Magnus: She's a research scientist. What are you gonna do, steal her pension plan?

Leader: I don't hear any digits coming out of you, Ms. concealed weapon.

Magnus: Barclays. 7652360. Satisfied?

Leader: Tyler? Am I satisfied?

Tyler: Um... kinda?

Leader: Do the numbers check out or not?

Tyler: Yeah, they check out, but across three accounts, she's got $209. She's broke, boss.

Magnus: You know, women and money.

Leader: Hot and broke, just the way I like them. We could make an arrangement, you and me.

Brad shoots the leader, then runs.

Brad: Stay down, or you're all dead!

Nicholls ignores her leader lying shot on the floor.

Nicholls: Tyler! Hold your fire!

Tyler looks at the walls almost as if he can see right through them.

Tyler: There. Now.

Nicholls opens her mouth and screams, knocking a massive hole in the wall and hitting Brad who was on the other side.

Magnus: You're abnormals.

The leader gets up, no worse for wear, no blood, only the holes in his shirt.

Leader: Better believe it.



Magnus: Quite the powers your team has.

Leader: They come in handy. At least the government thought so, until about two months ago.

Magnus: You're ex-military. Black ops. Let me guess, CIA or NSA?

Leader: Wherever, whenever.

Feodor: With powers like that, how could you lose in Iraq?

Magnus: Because they'd be totally unstable as soldiers.

Tyler: She sounds like my psych officer.

Magnus: So the army found you and trained you until...

Leader: Until a couple of uptight suits in D.C. decided that our services were no longer needed.

Magnus: Couldn't just let you go, though, could they? Not knowing what you're capable of. They tried to kill you.

Chesky and Jonesy drag an unconscious Brad back in.

Leader: Being "decommissioned" wasn't exactly an attractive option.

Feodor: What, and now you rip people off for a living? Why don't you come and work for me? We could make lot of money. Or not.

Leader: All these people here are pretty freaked out about our... talents, except for you.

Magnus: I don't impress easily.

Leader: I don't like women with secrets.

Magnus: You'll hate me.

Leader: (chuckles) Chesky, one of these folks has a plane hidden somewhere. Find it, please.

Magnus: This can't really be your plan, land here, steal money from random travelers. You're after Feliz.

Feodor: Who's Feliz?

Magnus: Oh, we can stop pretending. You all know we're here to meet him. It was obvious as soon as they started asking for our banking information.

Tyler: Why else would anyone be on this crap hole of an island?

Charlotte: Lemurs. I've been studying Lemurs. I swear I don't know who this Feliz person is.

Leader: Feliz is a man with access to a lot of money, and when he lands, he's going to turn it all over to us. I imagine some of the cash that Feliz controls is yours, right

Nicholls: Aw, she looks mad now.

Leader: Tyler, radar.

Tyler: Setting it up, boss.

Magnus: On my cue, Frank, you get Brad, clear?

Feodor: Clear.

Charlotte: What are you gonna do?

Magnus: Just stay close to me, all right?

Sanctuary. Dinner is finished. We see the cluttered table and the back of a couch with clothing hanging on it. Phones ring.

Will: Zimmerman. Yeah, when?

Abby: Agent Corrigan.

Will: How the hell did that happen?

Abby: Yes, I understand. I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Will: No, no, no, Henry and I can handle it. Just send over the data, we'll take care of it.

Abby: Yes, sir, I'm on my way.

Will: Okay.

Abby: Uh, work.

Will: Yeah, me too.

Abby: Departmental budget crisis.

Will: There's a monster on the loose.

Abby: This was really nice, Will. Thank you.

Will: Yeah, we should make this a little ritual, darling, you know? A weekly interlude.

Abby: I would love that, minus the accent.

Will: Sorry, it's non-negotiable.

They kiss.

Abby: I'll call you.

Will: Will you?

She giggles.

Will: Bye.

Comoros. Chesky and Jonesy are driving up to a hanger. They open it and see a good looking black jet.

Chesky: That's what I'm talking about. We just got upgraded.

They approach the plane and it reveals guns that start shooting at them. They duck and hide behind some barrels and pallets.

Jonesy: Miley Cyrus! That's gotta be against FAA regs! What the hell are we gonna do?

Chesky: Get the temp kit, Jonesy. We're jacking this plane.


Tyler: 890 kilometers out.

Leader: ETA?

Tyler: With speed and head wind, an hour, maybe less.

Magnus: Mr. Sylvester...Brad?

Brad: My head...My suit...

Magnus: Quiet. Can you walk?

Brad: Can you be nicer?

Nicholls: Hands where I can see 'em.

She gets close to Magnus who disarms her and points the gun at the leader and Tyler.

Magnus: Put the gun down! I'm assuming someone with X-ray vision is worth more than a few hostages. You want Mr. Feliz, good luck with that, but these people and I are leaving.

Leader: Oh, I knew you had a ride.

Magnus: Inside. Move.

They leave.

Hanger. Chesky and Jonesy aim some sort of device at the plane. It goes off and the plane stops shooting.

Chesky: Hit it! Let's go.

Terminal. Magnus locks the leader and Tyler into a closet/other room. The four hostages run out and across the tarmac towards the hanger. Unaware that the other two bad guys are there.

Magnus: Quickly.

Feodor: Hey, nice moves back there!

Brad: When this is over, I owe you case of Cristal.

Magnus: One thing at a time!

Chesky and Jonesy hit the plane with an EM pulse, then try to break in. The plane and hanger suddenly explode, throwing the four hostages to the ground. In the terminal, they hear the explosion.

Leader: What the hell was that? Keep working. Come on.

Magnus is on the ground, she looks at the burning wreckage.

Magnus: Damn. I'd only just bought that.


Brad: What the hell happened?

Feodor: That can't be good.

Charlotte: I can't hear anything you guys are saying!

Feodor: I said "that can't--don't worry about it.

The leader and Nicholls race up in a jeep.

Leader: Recess is over, kids.

Sewers of Old City.

Will: You and Kate handled the last time one of these escaped, so give me the 411.

Henry: Steno-pel-habilis. Beijing Sanctuary's been breeding little Ralphies like gangbusters.

Will: Ralphie being the one you recaptured a few years ago.

Henry: Yeah, Kate named it.

Will: Okay, how come there's another one loose?

Henry: Shipping container mix-up out of Beijing.

Will: And one of our abnormals goes missing.

Henry: Yup. A full-sized Steno popped up in an Ikea warehouse down by the docks.

Will: Okay, one to ten, how difficult is it for one of these to be captured?

Henry: Uh, now that I know its eating habits and favorite haunts? I'd say about a two.

Will: Hmm. The Jays are playing double-header tonight, and Biggie's making wings.

Henry: Again with the chicken. Again, not complaining.


Nicholls: I'd say Chesky tried to Jack the Brit's plane, triggered some kind of auto-destruct.

Leader: Pretty slick.

Tyler: We jammed all transmissions in the L.Z. She's cut off from the outside.

Leader: That's not good enough. I want her taken out.

Brad: You know, you act like quite the bad ass, but her plane just took out two of your people, and now she's out there gettin' her James Bond on. You know, I would characterize that as an epic fail, my man.

Leader: I may be bulletproof, but I don't like getting shot. You feel me?

He slaps Brad.

Leader: So...This woman knows weapons, is a trained fighter. What is she, British intelligence?

Feodor: She never told me what business she's in.

Charlotte: I only met her an hour ago.

Leader: What's her name?

Charlotte: I don't think she told us.

He shoves her gun under her chin, forcing her stand up.

Leader: Name?

Charlotte: Helen... Magnus.

Tyler: Running it. If she's meeting the banker, she's gotta be someone with money. Feodor: (laughing) You know, this woman, she is more than someone with just cash...She's got you all scared.

Nicholls is driving, trying to find Magnus. Magnus slips into the tower and finds the crew dead. She goes for the radio.

Magnus: C.Q. C.Q. This is Comoros airport requesting emergency assistance on all channels—Leader: Sorry about your plane .

Magnus: Sorry about your men. My guess is, they tried to hit it with an EM pulse to get on board. Bad idea; makes it explode.

Leader: Fun as it was, it doesn't really change anything.

Magnus: Feliz will never land here, mainly because your men murdered the entire air traffic control crew.

Leader: With the set-up that we have, he will never notice the difference.

Magnus: You just blew up my plane. You don't think he'll notice that from the air?

Leader: It's Helen, right? You seem very determined to ruin my day. Maybe I should return the favor.

Magnus: Harm anyone else and I promise you will regret it.

Leader: Surrender now, and they might live.

Magnus: I have a better offer—let everyone else go, and I might consider letting you and your team leave here alive. Think it over. (throws microphone)

Feodor: It's not a bad offer.

Hanger. Magnus finds the EM pulse emitter, having to remove the hand of one of the men.

Magnus: Mind if I borrow this?

Old City Sewers. Will and Henry are Steno hunting. They find some poo and Henry takes a sniff, much to Will's disgust.

Henry: It's pretty fresh. It's gotta be close. Hey, just stun it, okay? And don't make it mad.

Will: You said this would be easy.

Henry: You saw the poop.

They hear something and round a corner, surprised to find Abby there.

Abby: Will?

Will: Abby? What are you doing down here?

Abby: I'm doing my job, Will.

Will: Departmental budget crisis? Are you guys hunting abnormals now? Since when does the FBI do that?

Abby: Since the almost monster-invasion last month. Every intelligence agency in the world is creating abnormal investigation units.

Henry: They are?

Will: So this is your new assignment. Thank you for telling me the truth.

Abby: My new posting is classified, and you guys are, you know...

Henry: Rogue.

Abby: I couldn't tell you, Will. This promotion's important to me, and you guys are kind of on the outs, with everyone. No offense.

Will: Well, you're honing in on our turf you're keeping us out of the loop, what's to be offended by?

Abby: My department's mission is to investigate any suspicious sightings or reports pertaining to the unexplained.

Henry: Oh, great, they're after the Steno. That's awesome.

Abby: Well, there are a lot of scared Ikea employees out there.

A guy races up, his rain coat buttoned up all the way.

Gavin: Abby! Everything under control in here, Abby?

Will: Who is this guy?

Gavin: Special Agent Crealy, FBI. And...What are you two supposed to be?

Abby: This is Will Zimmerman and Henry Foss, friends of mine from the Sanctuary. This is my partner, Gavin.

Will: Gavin.

Gavin: You and buddy here want to explain why you're interfering with a federal investigation?

Henry: Dude, we are not interfering, you're interfering.

Gavin: Dude, don't make me show you my badge.

Henry: Let me tell you something—what does that even mean?

Will: Okay, Abby, we're on the clock here.

Abby: Oh, because of the Jays double-header tonight?

Will: No, because there are people in danger. This is not time for the Junior B - tryouts.

Abby: I'm sorry, who saved your ass last month when no world leaders would take your call?

Will: That was different. We've dealt with this before. We know what we're doing—Gavin: Uh-huh, and we don't?

Henry: You're clueless.

Will: Clueless.

Gavin: Listen, buddy, I've had about enough of your tone. You are speaking to federal agents here.

Will: If you call me buddy once more, I'm going to take your badge, and I'm going to shove it up—Gavin: That's right, it's "arrest a dipstick" day today, isn't it?

Will: Oh, is it?

Abby: Okay, okay, boys! Boys! Boys...Whatever we were looking for is definitely long gone now, so why don't we just dial it back. We can each go our separate ways.

Henry: That is a good idea, Abby.

Gavin: I'm gonna let you off with a little bit of a warning this time...Buddy.

Will: This guy. Okay, I'm gonna make you eat your—Abby: Dial it back!

Comoros Terminal

Tyler: Like she was never born. No alias hits, no matching profiles for a Helen Magnus, if that's her real name.

Leader: Real enough for her to have a bank account.

Tyler: Someone's covering her tracks, wiping the data from the Intel community. And whoever's doing it is good.

Nicholls returns.

Nicholls: There's no sign of her. Maybe she bugged out, hitched a ride to the nearest town? Leader: Not likely. Run backgrounds on the others, starting with Mr. Poker guy here, Brad Sylvester. Tyler: Sure, I'll see if I can find anything in the Echelon secure cloud.

Magnus is running through the back halls and store rooms.

Tyler: Oh, boy...

Leader: Well, well...Looks like someone wasn't being entirely truthful... Mr. CIA Field Agent. Oh, I worked with your kind in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen... Spooks always had access to slush funds, operational cash, hush money... And seeing as they tried to kill us, I think Uncle Sam owes us some reparations. Huh? Nicholls: It makes me wonder what the other two are hiding. You got any secrets, sweetheart?

The computers suddenly fritz and go dark.

Tyler: E-everything's dead! It's impossible. I'm on battery power here.

Leader: She's hit us with an EM pulse.

Nicholls: Just give me a target.

Tyler looks.

Tyler: Bingo. 21 meters, there.

Nicholls yells and Magnus is hit by a sonic yell, knocking her down.


Nicholls is searching for Magnus but finds nothing but the EM generator.

Nicholls: Damn!

Terminal. They drag Brad back into the room and he's been beaten.

Charlotte: Oh, my God.

Leader: Take the Professor next.

Feodor: No, take me next, take me next. I-I'll tell you everything. I'll tell you everything!

Charlotte is dragged into the other room.

Charlotte: I-I don't know anything. I don't know anything! Let go of me!

Feodor: Filthy bliad. (Russian curse word, Filthy Whore or something like that)

Nicholls takes her into a store room and pushes her down into a stool.

Charlotte: Listen, listen, okay? I just a teacher. I don't have any secrets.

Nicholls: Baby...Everyone has secrets.

Charlotte: Please... don't hurt me.

Magnus disables Nicholls and unties Charlotte.

Magnus: You all right?

Charlotte: I thought she was gonna kill me.

Magnus: Pain in the ass, isn't she? But I've met worse. There.

Charlotte: Right.

Magnus: Let's get out of here. Are you all right? Let me have a look at you. Charlotte: I'm fine, I'm fine. But look at you, you're a mess. You're covered in lacerations. Magnus: I'm fine. I've been through worse.

Charlotte: You keep saying that. You've been through worse, you've seen worse. You sound like an old woman. Magnus: I am an old woman.

Charlotte: What's your deal, anyway? You're being totally cryptic about being here, and you went "Die Hard" on these guys. What are you, a spy, an agent, or something? Magnus: A doctor.

Charlotte: Of ass-kicking.

Magnus: (chuckles) Something like that. Look, Charlotte, I'm really sorry that you got mixed up in this, and I'm not being glib when I say this, but I think we can solve this situation if we work together. Are you up for it? Charlotte: I'm in.

Magnus: Great. Come on.

Sanctuary. Someone is banging on the front door.

Henry: I'm coming, relax! Hi.

Abby's there and she's angry.

Abby: Where is he?

Henry: Uh, he's his office, but he just—oof.

She pushes past Henry and storms into Will's office.

Abby: Clever, Will, very clever.

Will: Hi.

Abby: Drop the act. Just tell me why.

Will: Why what?

Abby: We received an anonymous tip that the Steno, as you call it, was hiding in a warehouse in the seventh ward. Instead we found a nest of hibernating Durango bats. Gavin is still in the medical clinic covered in hives.

Will: Ooh, man, those bites can be really nasty.

Abby: No, what's nasty, Will, is that you did this. You were the anonymous tipster—Did you plant the bats too? Will: L-listen.

Abby: No, please, Will, you need to come clean on this.

Will: All right, fine, I did it. But just listen to me, okay? I had to do something to throw you off the scent for your own safety. A full-grown Steno can maim or kill anything in its way, and you and Agent Glee Club, you're not equipped to deal with this kind of thing.

Abby: So you made us look like fools?

Will: No—Abby: Will, professional jealousy is one thing—Will: I'm not—Abby: out and out betrayal?

Will: Abby. It's business, it's not personal.

Abby: This is my career. My reputation, Will. It is personal. You and I are done.

Will: Wait, Abby—SHe storms out and Henry walks in.

Henry: Dude, um...

Will: We have a location?

Henry: Yeah, we tracked it to the sewers near the water treatment plant. Will: All right. Let's get this done.



Charlotte: If you knocked out the radar, shouldn't that stop this Feliz guy from landing?

Magnus: They'll find a way around it, believe me. If we can retake the terminal, we can free everyone and warn Feliz that he's flying into a trap. Here, take this.

Charlotte: I don't mean to be difficult or anything, but is there any way we can do this without me having to shoot someone or get shot?

Magnus: Possibly.


Tyler: Yes. We are hot again.

Pilot: Comoros tower, I repeat, this is Rancho 639er one-five miles west for runway one, how do you hear?

Tyler: Good timing. Rancho 639er, this is Comoros tower, good evening. Wind is zero niner zero at one-one, altimeter is 3002, and you are cleared to land at runway one.

Pilot: Runway one, Comoros tower, Roger that. See you in five minutes.

Tyler: Come on in… Chumps.

Nicholls and the leader are searching for them while Magnus and Charlotte are searching through store rooms.

Charlotte: How can those people have those freaky powers? They're like...They're like super villains.

Magnus: Every exceptional ability has a weakness, believe me.

Charlotte: Okay, what about X-ray guy?

Magnus: Most likely, his eyes are sensitive to our body's thermal heat signatures, and the woman with the sonic scream, unique vocal chords. It's all explainable by science.

Charlotte: Okay, but bulletproof man?

Magnus: Super-resilient epidermis. Likely a result of the military's attempt to weaponize abnormals. Idiots.

Charlotte: And you know all of this because—Magnus is siphoning out gas and gags.

Magnus: Another time. In the meantime, we need to level the playing field somewhat. I'm going to need to use your shirt.

Nicholls and the Leader see Charlotte's shirt. They pull it away and hear an ominous sound.

Nicholls: Oh, crap.

The building blows up, tossing Nicholls and the leader across the tarmac.

Charlotte: Did they just...

Magnus: Backdrafts can be extremely violent. I should have warned you.

Charlotte: Yeah, that's got to hurt. Do you think this'll work?

Magnus: It has to. We have to stop Feliz's plane at all costs.

Charlotte: Because they got all your money?

Magnus: Because if those thieves get what they want, they'll kill us all!

The leader picks himself up and sees that Nicholls is dead. Magnus and Charlotte pour gas into a giant X on the tarmac and light it.

Magnus: Move!

Old City Sewers

Henry: Should still be dozing somewhere in this sector.

Will: Let's just tranq and bag the sucker before there's any more weirdness.

The steno charges him and takes down Henry.

Will: Whoa...Whoa! Ah! Okay, okay, okay...Okay! Just relax, rover. Just relax... Just calm down, okay? Just calm down.

There are shots and the steno runs. Abby and Gavin show up.

Abby: Are you guys all right?

Will: I'm fine. Hey, hey, hey...Come on, hey. How many fingers? How many fingers? Henry: Tuesday.

Will: He's gonna be fine, but we gotta get him out of here.

Gavin: Okay, whatever that was, it's gone. What was it?

Will: It was a--stenopelhabilis, and not a happy one, at that. We gotta stop it before it does any more damage.

Gavin: Whoa, who put you in charge there, pally?

Abby: Gavin, just shut up and help.

Will: Come on.

Feliz's plane sees the distress beacon and doesn't land.

Tyler: Plane's still gaining altitude, boss, banking west.

Feodor: Looks like something went sideways.

Brad: Perhaps your plan wasn't so brilliant after all.

Tyler: Hold on. It's still banking west, but altitude steady at 9,000 feet. He's not leaving.

Leader: Which means...that there is something down here that he wants.

Magnus and Charlotte are up to something.

Magnus: Well done. Now the others. If we can create a distraction, we can draw those men away from the hostages.. Charlotte: I can't

Magnus: You'll be fine, Charlotte.

Charlotte: I lied to you.

Magnus: About what?

Charlotte: Remember when I said I was studying Lemurs?

Magnus: Yeah.

Charlotte: More like I'm studying their reaction to a specific deadly virus.


Tyler: Last one we haven't checked. Belongs to the professor chick.

He opens it and instead of clothing we see devices marked with biohazard symbols.

Leader: Well, well...


Magnus: And you're telling me this now?

Charlotte: I had to know that I could trust you.

Magnus: Well, I'm glad we got that sorted. Just how deadly is this virus?

Charlotte: If a small sample gets released, it'll wipe out everyone on this island. And half the coast of Africa.


Charlotte: It's complicated, okay?

Magnus: Magnus: So, your plan was to sell it to Feliz. How noble.

Charlotte: I wasn't going to sell it. I was going to give it to him. The government, the black market nobody should get a hold of this virus. Feliz contacted me and said that he could hide it. I don't care about the money. I just don't want it to get into the wrong hands.

Magnus: So where is it right now?


Feodor: M-maybe you want to be careful with that, my friend. It looks like bad news.

Leader: That's what I'm counting on. If Feliz wants it, someone else will want it too... and for better money.

Magnus: You're insane.

Leader: Welcome back. Thanks to your girlfriend, this day hasn't been an entire waste.

Magnus: You cannot let that virus out onto the open market. Now, if you want to negotiate a price, you and I can talk, but only after you've let everyone else go.

Leader: (laughing) Tyler? Warm up the plane. We're buggin' out.

Charlotte: I'd listen to her. That virus makes Ebola look like the common cold. Millions could die if it gets released.

Leader: So... if I were to drop this on the island from my plane, it would really suck for you.

Feodor: Oh, my God...

Magnus: You wouldn't.

Leader: I'm selling a new weapon. I need to test it out, don't I? Nasty way to go.

Sewers. Will is running the steno is chasing him.

Will: Whoa! Now! Come on!

Gavin: It's jammed! Got it!

Abby shoots the steno. Gavin, gets his gun unjammed to just barely miss stunning Will.

Gavin: That's incredible.

Abby: How did you know it was going to attack you like that?

Will: Let me show you.

He reaches into the Steno's nest and pulls out tiny yellow and orange shapes.

Abby: Are those..?

Will: Exactly. Reese's pieces.

Gavin: I left some in the sewers as bait to lure it in. You know, like ET.

Will: This is the absolute worst thing to give a steno. Its system reacts to sugar and peanuts like crack cocaine. It makes it violently insane.

Gavin: I'm gonna go wait over there, with him.

Abby: I know, he's a total—Will: Moron? Oh, yeah. Oh yeah.

Gavin: Hey, you guys? Can I give it some gum? Its breath is really bad.

Abby: I see more cooperation in our future.

Will: Good.


Feodor: I will shoot myself first. Who's with me?

Brad: Yeah, it's better than dying of hemorrhagic fever.

Magnus: That won't be necessary.

Charlotte: Wait for it...

The plane explodes.

Brad: What the hell happened?

Feodor: That's not a virus they stole.

Charlotte: Pure nitroglycerine. I use it to stabilize samples. You take it up in an unpressurized plane, and...

Brad: Is there a virus?

Charlotte: In here.

Magnus: Carrying a dormant strain in your own bloodstream. It's very risky. Charlotte: It's better than a pink suitcase.

Brad: You're crazy, you know that? Both of you.

Feodor: Are you kidding? I love you guys!

Magnus: Thank you, but you can lose the accent now, Mr. Feliz.

Feliz: You can call me Richard. I thought the Russian accent was rather good.

Magnus: It was, it was more I suspected there was a reason that your plane hung around in spite of the carnage. It made sense that its owner was here on the ground.

Brad: And the ruse?

Feliz: Good question, Bradley, you see, I prefer to meet potential clients in a more, um, informal manner, before taking them on, and may I say, Dr. Magnus, that thanks to my resources, your financial future will be very healthy for quite some time. Magnus: Thank you, Richard.

Feliz: What a day! How incredible! Feel my heart—it's so exciting. As soon as my plane lands, the drinks are definitely on me, because we have much to discuss. Mmm!

He hugs her enthusiastically.


Charlotte: You sure know how to show a girl a good time.

Magnus: I try.

Charlotte: Thank you for...You know...

Magnus: Don't mention it. You were very brave. Here's Richard's plane. Charlotte: Are you sure you can't stay for a day or two? Relax, hang out? Magnus: See, the thing about me is I rarely just "hang ou-."

Charlotte kisses her.

Magnus: Dear God....

Charlotte: Mad?

Magnus: On the contrary, I just... I haven't been kissed like that in a very long time.

Magnus kisses her back.

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