A large insectoid abnormal that lives in the tunnels of Hollow Earth.

They camouflage themselves to blend into their environment and when their territory is invaded they search for an organic host to take refuge in.

When Kanaan created a tidal wave to counter the tidal wave Kali created the resulting tremors forced the trachnoids further underground to the edge of the mantle where Kanaan lives. Feeling threatened, a trachnoid burrowed into one of Kanaan's arteries causing Kanaan to experience renal failure. Kanaan was too ill to create levees that would relieve the building magma pressure and the resulting magma build up was causing more earthquakes and would have eventually lead to the destruction of Hollow Earth and the surface. However, Helen Magnus was able to remove the trachnoid from Kanaan and once Kanaan was healed he quickly relieved the magma pressure.