Prolatomebia volubilis

The friendly insects taking the form of The Adjuster's symbol.

Prolatomebir volubilis, or just Walter's Suit, was the name for a swarm of micro-abnormals that had a hive mind and behaved as a single organism.

This abnormal was created by Virgil St. Pierre from an abnormal species of telepathic bacteria and was supposed to act as a ballistic protection suit for its host.

When this abnormal is alone it looks just like a puddle of purple slime, but when it comes in contact with another creature, it immediately develops a psychic link with its host and wraps itself around him/her in the form of a suit. The abnormal and its host develop a symbiotic relationship; the abnormal responds to the host's will, giving them super strength, the power to fly, invulnerability, super speed, and various other super human abilities, but the abnormal also feeds off its host slowly draining the life out of them. The host isn't able to remove the suit without seriously damaging their own body, the only way to remove the suit without killing the host is for the host to genuninely want the suit to be removed or to kill the abnormal. The suit also seems to prefer people who were previously hosts over people it has never bonded with.

Virgil St. Pierre's scientists were able to get the suit off its host by suppressing the wearer's prefrontal cortex which severed the psychic link between the abnormal and its host. However, when the scientists tried getting the suit off of Kate Freelander, there was a power surge which not only failed to get the suit off Kate, but interfered with her decision-making, causing her to temporarily go insane.

In the episode "Hero," the suit escape from the facility where Virgil St. Pierre and his scientists were keeping it. Walter discovered the abnormal while on a team-building retreat with the insurance company he worked for. He become the suit's host and used the power it gave him to become a superhero called the Adjuster. However, after using the suit for a short time to fight crime, Walter discovered the suit was slowly killing him, and with some convincing from the Sanctuary team, Walter decided to take the suit off and let Magnus take care of it.

While at the Old City Sanctuary, Magnus discovered the abnormal seemed to be attracted to radiation between infrared and microwaves on the EM spectrum.

In the episode "Hero II, Broken Arrow," Virgil St. Pierre attempted to kidnap the abnormal from the Sanctuary and in the confusion, the abnormal attached itself to Kate Freelander. Pierre tried to remove the abnormal by severing Kates psychic link to it, but inadvertently caused Kate to go temporarily insane. Kate began to use the suit's power to get revenge on people that she held a grudge against. She was eventually stopped by Magnus and Walter, and the suit was once again returned to the sanctuary.

Pierre created a device that shot an extreme amount of UV radiation at its target, with which he attended to kill the abnormal, but Walter was able to stop him.

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