The Quetzalcoatl is a giant feathered and very elusive serpent-like abnormal.

It was thought that Quetzalcotal was the source of the gifts bestowed on to his followers, but it was later discovered that it was actually a special kind of water that flowed in Quetzalcotals habitat and was filled with a unique mineral. The water gave whoever drank it advanced healing, knowledge, and strength, but when the effects of the water ware off the drinker can experience withdrawl symptoms.

Quetzalcotal lives in large cave systems and has severe sensitivity to direct sunlight.

Backround informationEdit

In the ancient times the Aztecs named a god after this creature. It has been mentioned by Dr. Helen Magnus that the followers of this serpent were said to be rewarded with unusual knowledge, strength and health.

In 1909 Gregory Magnus mounted an expeditition in order to find this creature, but apparently he wasn't able to capture it. Later, he came back from the expeditition as the sole survivor and left strict orders as to leave this creature alone.

In 2011, a team of the SCIU tried to capture one of these creatures. But, Dr. Helen Magnus and her team found out about the operation and went to Bolivia in order to tackle this attempt. As it turned out one creature was captured in a net by the SCIU team but it managed to escape with the help of Helen Magnus and Will Zimmerman.


The Quetzalcoatl resembles a Basilisk. This may indicate a relationship between these two species but it has never been confirmed or mentioned.

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