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Rheka is a human member of the Cult of Kali. She was captured by Edward Forsythe and brought aboard his ship in the Indian Ocean. She was there when Big Bertha launched a massive Tsunami after being angered by depth charges.[1] After Helen Magnus boards the ship, she advises her on how to have Will Zimmerman, a former host of the Macri, contact Kali one more time and try to convince her to stop which he succeds in doing. After Terrence Wexford arrives and aims to blow up Forsythe's ship, Forsythe has everyone including her abandon ship while he remains behind to buy some time as he's dying. She's picked up by Wexford's ship (now under Magnus' command) along with the other survivors once everything is over and is presumably then returned home.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Episode 2x12 "Kali, Part I"

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