Sheila Delacourt


Sheila Delacourt is Bruno Delacourt's wife, who is also like her husband a bat-like flying abnormal. An interesting characteristic of her is her bat-like wings that spread out when arms are put up horizontally as well as her big, orange eyes that Bruno also has.

Her personality is being ambitious and caring, as seen in the episode 'Homecoming'. It can be observed that she and Bruno share a lovey-dovey relationship as they both call each other typical relationship names and admire each other's benefits.

She and Bruno desperately try to find means to free a group of abnormal children from an evil black-market seller. After a few roadstops, this is achieved with the help of Helen Magnus and Henry Foss. The orphans are actually of the same species as Bruno and Sheila. They start a family with these orphans, who Sheila is emotionally tearful and happy.

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