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"Skippy" was the name Henry Foss gave to a mollox that arrived in the Old City Sanctuary from Sri Lanka shortly after the discovery of Hollow Earth.

He was usually docile like all of his kind, but on the trip to Old City became host to a pinepex, a small Abnormal insect that released pheromones into his bloodstream in order to make him agressive at others and at the same time protective towards the creature itself. Thus, when Henry Foss opened Skippy's transport crate, the mollox instantly attacked him. Henry was able to get his hands on a sonic stun weapon and hit Skippy with it. The pineplex left the incapacitated host, jumping to Henry.

Dr. Helen Magnus later found Skippy fearfully huddled into a corner, and brought him to safety.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Episode 3x12 - "Hangover"

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