Stanley O'Farrell
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Full Name
Stanley O'Farrell
Male   Male
Death date
Old City
Portrayed by
First Appearance
  ●   TV Series: 

Detective Stanley O'Farrell was an officer of the Old City Police Department.

In 2010, Clark abducted his family and forces him to kill Father Nathaniel Jensen, a local priest who was helping Abnormals. O'Farrell then implicated small time criminal Danny Stephano.

However, the Sanctuary team soon found out about his deception, and laid a trap to get to O'Farrell, using Stephano as bait. However, when Bigfoot overwhelmed and confronted the policeman, he suddenly died.

Helen Magnus later discovered that O'Farrell died of a sudden brain aneurysm.[1] However, the Sanctuary Network eventually obtained his full autopsy report from the Tartarus network through FBI agent Abby Corigan; it showed that O'Farrell had actually been killed by Harper mites, and led them to Clark.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Episode 3x04 - "Trail of Blood"
  2. Episode 3x09 - "Vigilante"

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