Terrence Wexford
Wexford (Kali)
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Terrence Wexford
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Lizard-like Abnormal
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Terrence Wexford is a high-ranking member of the Sanctuary Network, an expert on ancient and medieval artifacts, and a rival of Dr. Helen Magnus.

He is an abnormal of some kind, sporting a number of significant facial ridges and a retractable frill on his neck. His voice seems to have an unusual reverberation. He has acidic saliva and seems to be used to eating living insects.

He informed Dr. Helen Magnus of the nature of the Morrigan based on a number of old texts he owned.[1]

After the Big Bertha crisis, he was removed from his position as house head of the New York Sanctuary by unanimous vote from the other house heads, who also decided to keep Magnus in her position as head of the global network.[2]

Background Edit

Wexford was played by actor Paul McGillion, who starred alongside Amanda Tapping in Stargate Atlantis. His appearance was cut from the recut of Webisodes 5 to 8, with Magnus instead finding the information Wexford provided herself.

McGillion again played Wexford, who was now given the first name "Terrence", in the second season finale of the television series.

Will taunts him by calling him "Waxface"

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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