The Morrigan
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Danu, Tatha & Caird
The Three Witches
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Levitation, Great destructive power
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The Morrigan were a trio of powerful abnormals originally connected to Morgan Le Fay, who later came under the control of the Cabal.

Their individual names were Danu, Tatha, and Caird.


The Morrigan each possess their own psychic abilities i.e. when Danu first awoke she was able to learn modern English instantly by touching heads with Will. However, when the Morrigan are all holding hands together they can generate incredible power allowing them to levitate, move objects, and even kill potentially hundreds of people with nothing more then the power of their minds. 

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According to the Arthurian legend, the Morrigan were emissaries created by Morgan to wreak havoc against King Arthur's armies, described as the very embodiment of Morgan's hellish powers. Their very presence on the battlefield would steal the souls of enemy soldiers.

They popped up in literature throughout the ages most notably as the three witches in William Shakespeare's drama "MacBeth".

When the Cabal realized the Morrigan's power, they took the Morrigan from their home and convinced them that their sole purpose for being was to be used as a weapon against enemies of the Cabal.  

In medieval times, the Cabal unleashed the Morrigan's power at the Battle of Badon Hill. On the morning of the battle, a thousand soldiers marched on Badon Hill and by sunset everyone of them was dead with no soldier being injured, as if the entire army had collapsed dead for no reason.  

In "Fata Morgana", Magnus, Ashley, and Will went to explore a crypt located on an island off the coast of Scotland. Supposedly, the crypt contained an ancient elixer capable of prolonging a person's life by centuries, but before they could enter the crypt they had to fight the Keepers of the Dead which were guarding the crypt with their lives. When Will entered the crypt, he accidentally activated a mechanism that drained a green liquid from the three stone coffins in the crypt and revealed one of the of the three Morrigan sisters inside each coffin.

The crypt the Sanctuary team entered was controlled by the Cabal and used to house the Morrigan until the Cabal needed their power. Magnus analyzed that green liquid that was drained from the Morrigan's coffins and found it contained several key elements that could induce a form of cryogenic stasis and keep a person alive for centuries. 

The Morrigan were taken back to the Sanctuary and after they awoke they all had almost complete amnesia about who they were. Through Will's therapy, the Morrigan slowly regained their memories and were convinced their only purpose for being was to serve the Cabal. However, Will explained to them how they have the right to choose what they should be.

The Cabal eventually tracked the Morrigan to the Old City Sanctuary and launched an invasion of the house to re-capture the Morrigan. Will and the others were fully prepared to fight the Cabal, but the Morrigan chose to return to them willingly as they knew the Cabal would never stop hunting them. However, thanks to Will, the Morrigan had a new sense of freedom and self-determination.

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