Tichus Barbarellus is a highly infectous microscopic abnormal similar to that of the common rabies virus. It is transmitted through communicable cross contamination including: Saliva-Blood, Blood- Saliva, Blood-Blood, Saliva-Saliva. There is no known cure to this viral infection.

A complete set of standard testing has not been done on this abnormal due to their minature size. However, extensive enviormental procedures have been performed.

In the episode "Vigilante", Father Clark stole a shipment of Cypher beetles and infected them with Tichus Barbarellus. Clark's plan was to release a swarm of the beetles on a group of abnormals there by infecting them with Tichus Bararellus and causing them to go crazy which would incite anti-abnormal sentiments in the local community. However, Will, Kate, and Big Foot were able to stop him before he could suceed. Henry was infected, but his body was able to fight off the infection.

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