This is a timeline of events relevant to the Sanctuary Network and those involved with it.

~ 700 The Cabalis Nocturnum is founded.
1829 Gregory Magnus is born in Devonshire, England. "Warriors"
Gregory Magnus marries Patricia Heathering. "Warriors"
27 August 1850 Helen Magnus is born. "Sanctuary For All, Part II"
10 July 1856 Nikola Tesla is born. Historical Fact
15 August 1857 Montague John Druitt is born. Historical Fact
1886 The Five inject themselves with a source blood-based serum, and each of them earns special powers and abilities. "The Five"
John Druitt learns to use his teleportation ability; during one of his "jumps", he fuses with an abnormal, a powerful noncorporeal energy being that feeds on chaos and destruction. "Haunted"
1888 Driven mad by the energy abnormal inside him, John Druitt murders eight London prostitutes, becoming "Jack the Ripper". "Sanctuary For All, Part II"
1898 Adam Worth asks Magnus and James Watson to save his daughter's life; they try their best, but fail, and Imogene dies. "Hollow Men"
1908 By orders of King Edward VII, the British Prime Minister asks the Five to find and eliminate Adam Worth. They do it, and in return receive pardons and funding for the Sanctuary Network. "For King and Country"
15 April 1912 Helen Magnus travels to America aboard the Titanic; the ship hits an iceberg and sinks; Magnus is saved by Molly Brown. "Next Tuesday"
4 March 1921 Warren G. Harding, an abnormal, becomes U.S. President. "Requiem"
1 September 1939 World War II breaks out. Historical Fact
Fall of 1943 John Druitt knifes Adolf Hitler to death in his private opera viewing box. The German High Command simply replaces the Fuehrer with a double and continues the war. "Normandy"
6 June 1944 D-Day: the Allies land in Normandy after the Five have spoiled the Nazis' attempt to unleash a fire elemental on the invasion fleet. "Normandy"
7 May 1945 General Jodl signs the German instrument of surrender at Rheims in the presence of Helen Magnus. "Requiem"
Winston Churchill presents Helen Magnus with a bottle of Bordeaux as thanks for her help on D-Day. "Sleepers"
1951 Bigfoot is wounded in Old City's streets, and Father Nathaniel Jensen takes him to the Sanctuary. Helen Magnus cures the abnormal, and he stays with her and becomes a loyal companion. "Haunted"
1954 Nigel Griffin's daughter, Anna, is born. "Revelations, Part I"
1960s Nigel Griffin dies. "Revelations, Part I"
late 1980s Helen Magnus carries the embryo she once froze to terms, giving birth to her and John Druitt's daughter, Ashley. "Sanctuary For All, Part II"
2006 Anna Griffin dies. "Revelations, Part I"

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