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    Dr. Drewett?

    January 21, 2010 by Animalfriend

    I was just thiking before that Drewett is the lone man out of the five. Out of all of the group he is the only member of the five not mentioned or implied to being a doctor. While they do saythat he was at Oxford they never say what he was there for.

    Heres a list

    Magnus- zoology and medicine

    Tessla- mecanical and some biological degree

    Watson- medical

    Griffen- none satated but probably some chemestry degree like his book counter part

    Drewett- ???

    On top of that, Drew always struck me the brawn of the 5. Not to say he is not smart, he is clearly educated, but its like comparing the top of a high school scince class with the top students in a collage science class.

    Any ideas??

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