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Virgil St. Pierre
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Virgil St. Pierre is the owner and CEO of Inverset Inc. and Vorotec, and one of the few humans to purposely create a species of abnormals.

He is the grandson of Inverset founder Kenneth St. Pierre, and met Helen Magnus when he was a teenager. Trying to create a balistics protection suit using telepathic bacteria, he created the abnormal living suit later found by Walter. St. Pierre had already sold the suit to the Russion mafia, which was why he was desperate to get the suit back or at least destroy it with a self-designed extreme UV energy weapon. After stealing it from the Old City Sanctuary, he lost it when it connected itself with Kate Freelander and then Walter again. Virgil then mocked Walter as a "spineless insurance adjuster", causing Walter to beat him and his thugs up and take their weapons. Magnus then informed Virgil that she had contacted the head of the Russian mob gang he sold the suit to, and he allowed her to keep it as a personal favor -- provided Virgil pays him back in full.[1]

In late 2010, Kate and Henry contacted St. Pierre in order to get help for Magus and Will Zimmerman, who had been poisoned by a psych worm and were in the process of losing their minds. Virgil took them and the creature to his laboratory in New Mexico for treatment.[2]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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