Water Parasite

The water parasite in the open

The Water Parasite is a parasite found in the Bermuda Triangle.

Physical description Edit

The Parasite is by far one of the most bizarre Abnormals ever encountered by the Sanctuary team, Helen even believed it was not organic at all and had possible been engineered (possibly by the Cabal) The parasite seems to have a liquid body made up of millions of micro-organims that possess a hive mind. As such, the parasite is perfectly adept at living under water, but can also survive on land in which its' body looks like that of snake or worm. It can enter its' victims body through skin contact and wearing gloves when handeling it doesn't seem to effect it.

Effects on a Host Edit

Once it has entered a host the creature will begin attacking the hosts' brain stem and limbic system. Also, the parasite seems to prefer living at ocean depths of over 25,000 feet so in order to achieve that depth it'll exert pressure on the brain if the host tries to rise above that depth. Whether this is just instinct or a sign of intelligence is unknown. After a certain amount of time the parasite begins to affect the brain gravely. This stimulation will lead to paranoid and psychotic behavior in the host organism. Indeed the Mermaid population of the Bermuda Triangle ripped each other apart because of the parasite's effect on them.

Magnus theorized that the parasite feeds off of cranial fluid or adreneline.

Cure Edit

The only way to remove the parasite from the host appears to be killing the host. Will was forced to do this, namely asphyxiate Magnus when she became infected with the parasite and threatened to kill them both by taking their submarine down so deep that it would have imploded. After exiting from Magnus' body Will quickly froze the parasite with liquid nitrogen before he revived Magnus.[1]

Notes and References Edit

  1. Episode 1x09 "Requiem"

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